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Published on: Sunday, May 09, 2021
By: Dr T Selva
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THE prolonged coronavirus pandemic has hit the real estate industry making it a buyers’ market and affordable for people to purchase or renovate their properties.

Following the health crisis people spend most of the day at home and many have realised that a permanent and comfortable shelter over their head is vital in life now.

Developers are offering attractive discounts, bargains and are even open to price negotiations and those looking to buy a house can now leverage the situation to get a good deal.

However, the size of house does not matter in Vasthu Sastra (Indian science of architecture) as long as the property is orientated in accordance with the flow of subtle energy.

Often, people living in smaller properties look for a bigger property like a semi-detached or a bungalow. 

In another scenario, people living in their existing properties are renovating their current space to make it bigger and more comfortable.

Although this can be done but one need to be careful because any change in the orientation of the property will change the flow of the subtle energy.

People have the notion that the bigger the space, they will enjoy improved comfort, although this may not be necessarily true.

What many of those living in low-cost or medium-size houses do is carry out renovations to extend their enclosure to make it bigger, later discovering their mistake or issues related like health, financial and stress.

When renovating a house, particularly a single-storey or double-storey intermediate or corner lot, property owners should understand the dos and don’ts in reshaping the physical structure they live in.

You may have lived there for some years and enjoyed peace and prosperity, but the moment you restructure the built-up area without incorporating Vasthu values, it is likely to distort the energy stream.

The most common renovation carried out in a house after a family has lived there for several years is extending the rear, front or sides, in the case of corner or end lots.

Well, if a house is facing north, Vasthu does not recommend extending the porch area because this will block the flow of energy that is entering from the north-east into the house.

Such open spaces promote a surge of forces that will benefit all occupants of the property.

However, the property owner can renovate the rear portion to make it bigger and have a spacious kitchen in the south-east and utility or storeroom in the southern area.

Dwellers are reminded that a house should only have one kitchen. 

Having a wet and dry kitchen is fine but the stove should only be placed in the south-east or north-west quadrants.

For those staying in a south-facing intermediate property, they can expand the porch area by building a shade, but the back facing north must not be extended.

In the case of a corner lot, if there is more space in the northern and eastern sides, Vasthu recommends the open space be maintained because such alignment attracts maximum flow of energy.

But for properties having open space or an extra piece of land in the western and southern area, house owners are urged to expand their built-up area to reduce or close the space.

It’s common for owners of double-storey houses to broaden the ground floor and leave the top floor unchanged.

Such a move would disorientate energy flow and the property would be deemed as imbalanced.

Preferably both the ground floor and the upstairs should be widened to attract harmonious energies into the space.

Other renovation warnings owners should heed is not to make the house elongated and prevent embedded main pillars from becoming exposed.

One of the main concerns in properties that are expanded in the front is the main pillar becoming exposed.

It is inauspicious to have a pillar standing in the middle of the house owing to redesign work because such a Vasthu defect would result in obstacles to the occupants of the property in whatever they undertake.

Also avoid converting your attic or air well in the middle into a store area because the centre of the property is identified as having the lowest energy level.

This area should be kept free from weight and the open space or opening should be maintained to allow free flow of air.

There are also some owners who are ambitious, and they convert their double-storey intermediate property into a triple-storey home.

Such construction would bring about unevenness in the energy settlement, which occupants of the house are supposed to enjoy. 

Such a defect, according to Vasthu studies, can lead to tension and disharmony among the occupants.

In short, when renovating your house, study the physical layout and plan the redesign consciously without disturbing the energy flow.

- Dr T. Selva is speaker and the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at [email protected], Facebook: Vasthu Sastra or website: www.vasthusastra.com


House renovations must be done carefully to ensure the changes made are Vasthu-friendly.

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