Why we should adopt from the shelter
Published on: Saturday, June 05, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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After being adopted: A happy pup.
IT IS such a common occurrence in Sabah that dogs get abandoned/killed/thrown away for the silliest reasons. 

We know of an owner who beat his dog just because it bit the owner’s slipper! And later on we believe he abandoned the dog somewhere!

What sort of person does something like that to a living creature who does not even know what it has done to deserve to be abandoned. It is the owner who deserves to be punished and then abandoned!

Before being adopted.

Human beings are indeed cruel heartless people who only care for themselves and do not always use their God given brains!

Malaysians, when they see a pedigree dog that had been found, they are quick to ask if they can adopt it, just because it is a pure breed. 

What’s the difference between a pedigree or local ‘kampung’ dog? Nothing! All dogs are wonderful and faithful! 

It’s a shame human beings do not behave the same! All a dog/cat asks for is some love and attention; is that so hard to give?

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