Thumbs up to DBKK for going after owners, not dogs
Published on: Saturday, June 12, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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WE have to praise City Hall (DBKK) for compounding the dog owners and not capturing the dogs. 

Last March, it was reported in Daily Express’ Hotline (pic) that a pet owner was compounded RM500 for failing to comply with DBKK regulations. 

Why punish the innocent dogs when it was the owners who allowed them to walk outside to pee and poop(so their owners compound stay clean) and walk themselves?

The dogs are innocent: if you let them out, it’s freedom for them.

In days of old, DBKK would capture dogs and dump them without being neutered  –  at some dump site. 

Maybe DBKK should consider allocating a piece of land to house these poor dogs and also make all pet owners compulsory to neuter their pets so as to discourage any breeding and more animal dumping etc. 

Animal NGOs would happily work closely with DBKK to check all pets are sterilised (neutered) and give them one warning and fine them on the spot if it still has not been done by the next surprise visit!

We hope DBKK will take note of the above suggestions for the good of the country. 

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