Yacht Marchesa pays a visit
Published on: Saturday, July 03, 2021
By: British North Borneo Herald
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May 1, 1883, SANDAKAN 

MR. KETTLEWELL’s yacht, the Marchesa, four hundred and eighty tons, arrived at Sandakan on the 3rd March. Mr Kettlewell is accompanied by Mrs Kettlewell, and Mr Bampfylde, the Sub-resident, availed himself of the owner’s kind offer to return in the yacht to his duties from Hongkong. On the way up from Hongkong the yacht looked in at Taae in Luzon, and at the charming island of Cagayan, Sulu. Mr Kettlewell, we understand, intends visiting Sulu and Mindanao, the Celebes, New Guinea and other islands in these parts. He has engaged the services of Mr Griffiths, photographer of Hongkong, for the cruise, and a fine series of very interesting views will thus be secured. Mr Griffiths obtained several excellent views at Kudat and Sandakan. 

First Singhalese arrivals

IN addition to the recent accession of strength to the Land Office we learn that Mr T. H. Lloyd of Ceylon has accepted an appointment under Government. There is reason to hope now that the office is sufficiently strengthened to cope with the large amount of surveys entailed by the sales of land. 

It is probable that the survey of the estate of the Sabah Land-farming Company and of the Yuen Yew Company will be undertaken by private surveyors. Mr Garland of Singapore is likely to secure the latter, and either he or Mr Deane of Ceylon the former work. The Government Land Office staff now consists of the Commissioner, Mr G.D. Collison, assisted by Messrs. J Sampson, J. M. Purdon, H. Walker G.T. Tickell, A.A.F. Harper, T.H. Mantell and T.H. Lloyd.

We learn with regret of the resignation of Mr Cuthbertson who joined from the Northern Territory of South Australia. With the exception of Mr Sampson, who was engaged in Hongkong and of Mr Tickell, from Shanghai, all the other officers are Ceylon men, as also is Mr Hesse, the newly appointed Sub-Treasurer. Mr Mantell and Mr Harper brought with them ten Singhalese axemen who will prove useful in the Survey Department. 

Wearing side-arms banned

DURING the past month the weather has been exception-ally dry and hot, rendered still more so by the large burnings that have been going on around Elopura. It is gratifying to note that the wearing of side-arms by the Sulus and Albus has been completely done away with — an order was issued for-bidding the carrying of arms and in a very short time this had the desired effect, without the slightest trouble and without even one prosecution. This speaks well for the native population of the town. 

Seed pearls in Labuk

SEED pearls have been reported at Labuk, but as yet the value of the find has not been ascertained. One of the foremen at the Saw Mills, while adjusting a disconnected band, got the sleeve of his coat caught in the band, resulting in his arm being so badly mangled that amputation had to be performed. This was successfully done by Mr Waldron and the unfortunate man is doing well. This is the first bad accident that has yet occurred at the Saw Mills. 

Marchesa calls

THE yacht Marchesa made a lengthy stay here and proved quite a welcomed visitor. During their stay the party on board took several trips including a trip up, the Segaliud river and a trip to Lebaran island. They have since sailed for Sulu and from thence will take a cruise round the Malay Archipelago. 

Alfred Dent pays a visit

THE Governor, Mrs Treacher, and Mr Alfred Dent arrived in the Thales on the 27th instant. In anticipation of their arrival, the wharf been prettily decorated by the Chinese inhabitants. On landing a salute was fired from the battery and a guard of honor was drawn up on the wharf. The principal Chinese merchants presented an address to Mr Dent and the Governor in a prettily decorated but erected for the occasion. 

Replying to the well chosen words of welcome from Mr Fung Ming Shan, Mr Dent said: — Mr San Kwong Lwung, Mr Ko Fleen, Mr Ah Chee, Mr Kwong Fling, Mr Shun Lung, Mr Fung Ming Shan, Mr Yu Yuen, Mr Sing Ko, Mr Ek Sam, Mr Wing Shun, Mr Yuet Fling, and others whose names have for the moment escaped me, I have to thank you for the very kind way in which you have drunk the health of the Governor and myself. 

Taken thus by surprise I cannot fully express my pleasure at the hearty welcome I have met with on all sides, or my gratification at the graceful reception you have given us. 

It is most cheering to note the evident progress of the Settlement during my short visit to China and I fully regret that my stay must necessarily be a very short one, as I am compelled to return to England and look after the interests of the Company there. 

I trust that the same cordial feeling which so evidently exists between us to-day will never cease to exist, and I hope that we shall always be able to feel that you are working with us and that you will give the full weight of your support to the Governor and the Resident. 

I wish you every success and once more must thank you for your kind reception of the Governor and myself. 

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