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Published on: Sunday, July 11, 2021
By: NG
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IT IS encouraging to learn that Malaysia has nearly 30 per cent of adults vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine.

But, at the same time, these positive developments are at risk of being disrupted by the threat of a change in the country’s political leadership.

Any hurdle to the plans and strategies laid out by the present Perikatan Nasional-led government to achieve herd immunity before year end, should be blamed on those elements out to grab power from the present administration.

There are many Malaysians suffering and facing hardship due to the pandemic and the government is doing its best to address it. 

Yet, irresponsible politics only create further gridlock during this pandemic-induced time. 

This is simply unpatriotic. Their actions prove that they have no regard or devotion for people’s lives and wellbeing.

Looking at the time and effort they devote to jockeying for power, only proves that they are deserting their duties and responsibilities to the people. 

They are abandoning the rakyat for their selfish political gains. 

Their aim is to create uncertainty, provocation and anger against the government-of-the-day to achieve their selfish agenda.

I believe, the rakyat can differentiate good leaders from the bad ones and make sense of their wrongdoings, including those facing major court cases linked to corruption and abuse of power when they last held office.

At this time, any change in the leadership will only aggravate matters. 

Everybody wants to be out of this pandemic-induced period, soonest possible.

Hopefully, politicians, especially those who are out for the government’s blood, acknowledge and appreciate the magnitude of the vaccination programme and others which have been outlined and currently implemented to fight Covid-19.

They must also acknowledge the difficulties and miseries faced by the people and instead of pursuing their selfish political agenda, focus on efforts to help the people, their lives and their livelihoods.

Stop playing politics. For once, can you imagine the potential tsunami of infections and deaths if the general election is called before herd immunity is achieved?

Politics will not solve any of the challenges and problems inflicted by the pandemic. 

Our goodwill and resolute aim to battle this war together, will.


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