Fatally abusing dog: Call for action against Council workers 
Published on: Saturday, July 17, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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Screenshots of the video allegedly showing Kulim municipal council personnel killing the dog. An animal rights NGO is demanding that the council take action against the personnel involved. (Pic: FMT)
WE ARE sure many of you have received and seen the viral video of MPKK (Municipal Council of Kulim) Kedah where they abused and killed a dog in a most horrific way. We will not go into details as we do not want to stress or upset the readers, but suffice to say, it was horrific!

Police reports have been made and animal lovers are determined to bring justice to this dog who had to endure such a painful death but we know it is now in a better place, fully healthy, whole and happy in “Doggie Heaven”. 

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the Patron of Selangor SPCA, is pursuing the case closely and working together with animal rights lawyers. 

“Action should be taken against the Kulim Municipal Council (MPKK) enforcement workers for the alleged brutal acts against stray dogs,” Lee had said.

Please remember that dogs and cats, and animals in general, are not to be abused at your whim and fancy. 

We hope these staff at MPKK Kulim are suitably punished for their horrific action against this poor innocent dog and that Jabatan Haiwan will take appropriate action against them to make an example of these cruel and heartless people and never let such a thing occur again to any animal. 

We know that in Malaysia there are a growing number of pet lovers which is a great thing. Bless you all!

It is against the Animal Welfare Act to harm/abuse/ill treat/starve/abandon any dog or cat/animal and depending on the nature of the act, could result in a fine of not more than RM100,000 or imprisonment or both. We are also hoping that Jabatan Haiwan will soon make it compulsory for all pets to be neutered, no exceptions

By the MPKK abusing and killing the poor dog does not serve any purpose. This is again is an example of humans being cruel, causing pain to others. 

Humans are to be blamed for all bad things happening in earth like rapes, children abuse, wars etc and unless we humans change for the better it is only going to get worse!

We have said it before and we will say it again, it is alright if you do not like animals; just do not harm it! Avoid them!

When one thinks carefully, you will realise that strays are made by humans, by those who do not neuter their pets and then abandon them, and/or their pups/kittens when the human cannot or does not want to cope or be responsible anymore!

After all, it’s only a dog/cat. But it is not only a dog or a cat! It is a living and sentient animal that is unfortunately unable to speak the human language but can only express itself by barking or meowing.  How sad it is when the dog/cat has no choice but to go with the irresponsible heartless human’s decision to abandon/dump. 

An abandoned pet will not know it’s being abandoned and will sit and wait (sometimes for days) for its owner. How faithful is that? Can we say the same for the human? A huge “no”!

If you cannot commit to caring for a pet, please do not own one. It is a lifetime commitment which can be costly, too. Do not own a pet just because at that time you or your children think it’s cute!

Think carefully before you decide to own a pet, be it a cat, dog or bird! Remember: it’s alright not to like dogs/cats. Just do not harm them; avoid them!

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