What use EPF savings later if can’t survive now?
Published on: Sunday, January 09, 2022
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HOW so easy it is for all the critics voicing their reasons and logic that EPF monies is for retirement use only when they were NOT worrying for the past 2 years where to find money for the next meal! 

I dare anyone who lost their jobs, scraping the bottom of their barrel of little savings to feed their families or worrying about the many months of unpaid rental, car installments to say that EPF monies must not be withdrawn or i-Citra was bad!?

All the critics including MPs or YBs, EPF Director, Union Leaders, Finance Minister or even the PM have big fat salaries and never had a day of living from hand to mouth unlike the millions of unfortunate Malaysian have lost their jobs or business and still are looking but unable to find any employment for the past two years!

Imagine if you are stranded on a desert island with a trunk full of food that belongs to YOU and after 2 years of looking for food or a way out; you have found neither. Will you say: NO, cannot take the food because it is for future consumption!? 

Or will you just open YOUR trunk of food to feed yourself?

Yes, EPF is supposed to be for retirement use and enjoyment. However, what is there to retire and enjoy if you cannot survive for the next 6 months or 1 year?

Will the give the millions of destitute Malaysians RM10,000!? It is easy to criticise and condemn when you are NOT one of the victims of this Covid-19 pandemic; who have lost their jobs or business and all their savings. 

Or will the critics just say, “Cheerio mate, tomorrow will be better, you will get a job or your business will just bounce back by itself” but in the meantime, hang in there!! My prayers are with you!! 

Thank you so much for your prayers, good Sir but I have to eat and pay rental in the meantime! 

Or is the critic so gullible to say, there is bank and government assistance… 

And surely, no critic can be so stupid and cruel to say there is always the Ah Long!   

Remember when the Bendera Putih was raised, there were people who even condemned it! (Fortunately, most fellow Malaysians understand the desperation of those who put up the Bendera Putih).

Is it possible that the critics against EPF withdrawal expect the millions of destitute Malaysians to “borrow” from their friends or relatives when asking for food as in raising the Bendera Putih was already so difficult?

Whatever the critics may say and speculate about Bossku’s ulterior motive, etc, of urging the government to allow for the last time another EPF withdrawal, I must say: If NOT to dig into OUR own savings for survival, what then should we do!?

Please, to all the critics, Empathy is something you do NOT have or show! Sad but true, it seems only Bossku has true empathy for the millions of destitute Malaysians, our pain and sufferings! 

Allow us to open OUR trunk of food for us to survive!   

Raymond K


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