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Waste not your vote, be heard
Published on: Sunday, September 18, 2022
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IN the 15th General Election, we should strive for a better turnout than in the state elections of Malacca and Johor. 

Voter turnout is a significant indicator of democratic participation and reflects the people’s trust in the electoral system.

It is crucial that we understand the electoral system we have adopted from Great Britain since independence, is the plurality system, often referred to as “first past the post”. 

This system is based on territorial and constituency electorate. It also promotes the participation of small and big political parties. 

Although, the system is based on the geography of the country and there are regional inequalities, it has worked for us.

This system allows us to directly vote for our representative. In GE15, Malaysians will head to the polls and vote for representatives who should strive for good governance.

Good leadership and good governance are two significant elements and are inseparable. All Malaysians must vote on polling day. There are many issues which are close to our hearts and only through the ballot box can we make a difference.

Our individual vote may appear insignificant, but when combined with other voters who share the same view, it will turn into a strong voice. 

Remember that in “first past the post”, failure to vote means supporting the opponent, who will win with a slim majority, particularly in a multi-cornered contest.

We have to vote for the right candidate as he or she has the potential to resolve the plight of the constituents and bring development to the constituency. Only then, will we have a suitable candidate who will bring a constructive and stronger voice in parliament.

We should be thorough in evaluating a candidate in the general election. We should be able to identify those candidates who think that being in power is just an opportunity to enrich themselves. 

These candidates cannot contribute towards nation-building but will only satisfy their interests. We should vote for potential leaders who have integrity and trust. They will have the ability to lead, communicate, negotiate and motivate and persuade people to carry out constructive things. 

Good leaders will be able to ensure and establish good governance. Competent, knowledgeable and uncorrupted leaders can foster integrity, honesty, morality, accountability and responsibility. Therefore, if you want to be heard, exercise your right and vote.


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