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Sabah People’s Rebellion Front is uncovered
Published on: Saturday, October 08, 2022
By: Daily Express
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Antique vase sold to museum for RM14,000 

1963: An Indonesian underground Organisation called the Sabah Peoples Rebellion Front was uncovered in Sabah.

Asst Police Commissioner to charge of Sabah Special Branch, JE Fairbairn, said seseral people connected with the organisation were detained in towns in the East Coast and would be tried in court.

He said, however, that the organisation’s members were Indonesians who had been planning to engage in subversive acts and no Sabahans were involved. 

He said several documents aired from detained Indonesian, led to the group discovery.

Several weapons were also seized. Police had earlier also shot dead as Indonesian at a Tawau rubber plantation said to be a leading founder member of the group. 

Fairbairn disclosed that several underground camps used by members were Iocated recently in the State and warned those slaying in the taro Coast to be alert. 


Sabah MP Ngui dies 

1963: Sabah MP and multi-millionaire Ngui Ah Kui died of a heart ailment at the Lady Templer Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. 

Ngui was in the Federal capital for a budget meeting of the Parliament which was in session. 

He had attended the meeting the first two days. He was 58. 

Ngui was Sandakan Town Board Chairman, Sandakan Hakka Association President, Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Sandakan) President, among others.

The funeral procession was the biggest witnessed in Sandakan. 


Copter crashes in Penampang killing two 

1962: A Bell helicopter belonging to Sabah Air crashed during a test flight in a swamp at Kampung Sindanan, close to the Penampang main road, killing two crew on board.

It was the first major crash involving the company’s helicopters. Sabah’s Air’s first major tragedy was in 1976 when one of its twin-engine fixed wing aircraft crashed into the seat at Sembulan killing Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens and 10 other people on board, including Minister.


Labuan folks praised for service during Brunei crisis 

1962: Governor Sir William Goode paid tribute to the people in Labuan for their outstanding service during the Brunei crisis.

Labuan had been the main base for operations  and a safe refuge evacuees and said that without the people,’ co-operation the operation Brunei would have been greatly hampered. 

Pasok boss denies condoning Brunei rebellion 

1962: Pasok Momogun Party President OKK GS Sundang denied have suppoted the Brunei rebellion. 

He said the intention behind his speech at a recent Legislative Council meeting was to sound a warning on the need to be vigilant so that what happened in Brunei would not take place in North Borneo.


Antique vase sold to museum for RM14,000 

1976:  State Culture, Youth and Sport Minister Datuk Abdul Hamid Tun Datu Haji Mustapha unveiled one of the finest antique in Borneo – a Tenom polychrome phoenix Ming Dynasty jar believed to be over 300 years old (pic). The Sabah Museum had bought the jar for RM14,000 from a Murut in Kampong Tinibol, Tenom. Museum Curator David McCredie described it as the most superb specimen it had acquired since the museum was formed in 1965.

The jar was given over 20 years ago for the marriage of the daughter of Gunjau bin Kandangan’s (from whom it was bought) to her suitor Pandan bin Pengiran. The latter had located it at Kampung Mangalon, near Sipitang. 

Brunei refutes Paper’s editorial 

1963: The Brunei Education Department denied Malaysians in that county lived in an atmosphere of jealousy and hatred. 

It was refuting a Malaysian newspaper’s editorial to connection with teachers seconded by the Malaysian Education Ministry. 

It added that only 35 of the total 800 teacher in Brunei were seconded from Malaya. Of the 35, it said 18 of the teachers had applied for extension of their stay their. 


Dzulkifli’s death challenge to Harris

1979: Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh was challenged by Usno Deputy President Datuk Haji Dzulkifli to swear in the State Mosque that the latter’s suspension from the Stale Legislative Assembly could be withdrawn. 

One of the conditions was that both perform a short prayer asking God to take the life of either who is telling a lie. 

The challenge arose when Harris suspended Dzulkifli and insisted that he apologise for the order to be withdrawn. Dzulkifli charged that Harris’s actions were contrary to the decision of the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council. 


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