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Speak up for Sabah now that you have been elected
Published on: Sunday, November 20, 2022
By: Datuk John Lo
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Even EU has been taken for a ride.

EU and Sabah have been ignorant and silly for many years in different contexts. EU has been daft since the end of 2nd World War, led by the Americans up a garden path by the nose. 

Seemingly to share democratic values and to promote liberal democracy, the hegemonic Americans have used their European allies to control Europe and bully the world, especially Africa and Middle East. 

Sabah, in a much smaller context, is in the same shoe. We have been taken for a ride since 1963. For a long time, Sabah, until recently, has been oblivious, ignorant of our rights under MA63. Much like EU, many Sabah politicians have been gratuitously thankful and have asked Sabahans to do same, for the crumbs in economic fundings given to us all these years by West Malaysian leaders, irrespective of who is in power.

What excuse can EU proffer for their stupidity and exploitations by the Americans? All the EU countries have long existed for more than 1,000 years, lots of experience, highly educated political leaders. EU have some of the best brains in the world. 

And yet, the question is “Why have EU countries not learned their lessons?” How come they have failed to see that the Americans have sold them down the rivers? Is EU so simple minded, like Sabah? Grateful for what, the Marshall Plan, the nuclear security blanket?

EU countries, with two eyes shut, have followed the Americans.

EU has not seen America’s deviousness coming. Since the end of WW2, the Americans have created problems and chaos all over the world; in Latin America, Asia, Africa. The Middle East has got the worst. In the name of democracy and liberty, the Americans have sanctioned and impoverished Cuba for more than 50 years. 

How cruel these Americans can be. The Americans have continued to inflict and punish other Latin American countries with “taking out” leaders [murder], regime changes and sanctions if they refuse to obey.

Both Japan and South Korea have tried to overtake USA economically and tasted the American underhand tactics. Today, they can only serve as the USA’s vassal states. For their sins, Japan has suffered the longest economic doldrum, more than 20 years.

The Americans bully days began to fade when they had to surrender and run away with the tail between their legs from Vietnam. The American army escaped in chaos. Vietnam is the most bombed country in history but the Americans have failed to defeat the Vietnamese peasant army. The world has opened one eye.

The Middle East have suffered the worst from the American hegemony. Both Iraq and Libya were probably the best managed countries in the Middle East before the Americans reduced them to ruins. Poor Saddam and Gaddafi suffered ignominious deaths because they rejected American demands for blind obedience. Iran is being punished with relentless sanctions by the Americans till today. EU has been an American stooge in complicit and colluded with them in creating mayhem and chaos millions in the Middle East.

America, as the world’s only superpower, took a further tumble when they have run away from Afghanistan’s rag tag Taliban army after 20 years of fighting. The Afghanistan fiasco has sealed American fate. Now the world has opened both eyes. The world’s superpower has begun to transform into a lame duck. 

Countries from Asia [except Japan, South Korea, Taiwan], very noticeably Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Caribbeans and even small island nations in the South Pacific have plucked up courage to thumb their noses on the Americans. Some EU countries have also shown defiance.

The Americans have no stomach to fight anymore. They are good at dirty tricks or trick others to do the fighting for them like now in the Russia/Ukraine war.

The Americans have used the EU countries to contain and to break up the former Soviet Union. Have stirred up trouble for Russia by exploiting EU countries to expand Nato as far as Ukraine. 

The EU countries now realise that they have become USA’s frontline countries and tricked Ukraine to become their proxy in the war against Russia.

Who are the winners and losers in the Russia/Ukraine war?

Top winner is USA. [3a] American army industrial complex is booming by selling weapons to EU countries and ridding off the old stocks. [3b] American oil companies are making unconscionable record profits by exploiting the global artificial shortages in oil and gas. [3c] American food industry are making hefty profits because of global food shortages. [3d] America has seized more than USD300 billion of Russian USD reserves.

China and India have also profited with cheaper Russian oil.

Top losers: Undoubtedly Ukraine with untold human sufferings, millions have become refugees and massive destruction of its economy and infrastructure. USA has pushed Ukraine to fight Russia with all sort of promises.

second losers are the EU countries and UK. EU is in political chaos. The new Italian government has refused to play ball. So have a few other countries. Germany has gone to see Xi of China for help. France is next in queue. EU/UK is now in a 40 year high in inflation, going into winter with insufficient gas for heating. Germany, EU’s economic powerhouse has been forced to deindustrialize. This is very serious. Germany’s BSAF, which is the world’s biggest chemical company, has been forced to shut down many factories. 

EU, without cheap energy from Russia, can no longer compete. Without China’s market, the EU’s economy will stunt. EU countries have 2 existential options: become complete American vassal states [stooges], parroting to the American tune, or stride out on its own in a new multi-polar global order.

Lessons from EU’s fate for Sabah—-only Sabahans can protect Sabah.

Sabah is now at a crossroad. Sabah, like EU, also has two options. Continue like before. Despite having the richest resources, Sabah will still be the worst state in Malaysia with the highest rate of poverty and our economy in the control of non-Sabahans. 

Or we unite as Sabahans, stop being exploited and become one of the best economic performing states in Malaysia. The choice is very clear. It is up to us as Sabahans. If we can’t improve, can’t plug ourselves out of our present black hole, we are to be blamed, nobody else. Reason? Because we have allowed ourselves to be exploited. Nobody can exploit us or plunder our resources, if Sabahans have a strong genuine love for our own state, ability to manage our resources, finance and practice the Sabahans First Policy.

All the successful Sabahan candidates in the GE15, irrespective of party affiliation, must have one common denomination. That is to speak out, to look after Sabah’s interest, to fight for Sabah’s equity as a full 1/3 partner in Malaysia in and out Parliament, especially for Sabah’s rightful share of economic development allocation and representation in all important federal institutions [especially economic and financial ones], GLICs and GLCs.

- The views expressed here are the views of the writer Datuk John Lo and do not necessarily reflect those of the Daily Express.

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