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Sabah to build monuments honouring five national leaders
Published on: Saturday, December 03, 2022
By: Daily Express
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The Tengku Abdul Rahman Monument in KK: The only such that was erected in nation.
October 12

1970: Tunku Abdul Rahman said five monuments being built in Sabah in honour of Malaysian leaders are a symbol of ties between West and East Malaysia. 

He said the monuments also showed the respect people of Sabah had towards their leaders. 

He was speaking at a foundation-stone laying ceremony in Sandakan for a monument in honour of Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak. 

Speaking at the same ceremony, Chief Minister Tun Datu Haji Mustapha said monuments were being built in recognition of the valuable services of the leaders. 

The other four monuments are in honour of the Tunku, Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail, Finance Minister Tun Tan Siew Sin and Telecommunications and Works Minister Tun VT Sambanthan. 

Tunku said Malaysia was fortunate to have leaders who were honest and understood the aspirations of the people. 

System to appoint native chiefs 

1979: The State Government appointed a District Rural Administration Committee in each district for the purpose of nominating suitable candidates for appointment as Ketua Anak Negeri (Native chief) or Ketua Kampong (village head) by the Local Government and Housing Ministry from time to time. 

October 13

Sabah-Sarawak trunk dialling launched 

1976: The subscriber trunk dialling system between Sabah and Sarawak was launched by Acting Federal Communications Minister Mohamed Ali bin Sharif. 

A sum of RM65million has been allocated to the Sabah Telecommunications Dept for various projects under the Third Malaysia Plan. 

The projects included new buildings, equipment and better facilities. 

Syed Kechik’s firm claims RM200m compensation

1977: A firm controlled by Syed Kechik, Zara Sdn Bhd, claimed RM200million compensation from the State Government from the latter’s acquisition of 2,452 acres near the Yayasan Sabah building in Likas belonging to Zara. 

The land was registered under the firm and was to be developed into a tourist complex with commercial, residential and associated development. 

Penang offers to develop Kudat site 

1979: The State Government agreed to a request by the Penang Government to allow the Penang Economic Development Corporation develop 400 acres of reclaimed land at Kudat into a tourist and industrial complex. 

Before his departure for Kuala Lumpur to receive the honorary Fellowship of Incorporated Society of Planters, Harris told reporters that the State Government was not keen on developing the land as it was not convinced of its viability. 

October 14

Harris urges negative ways be discarded 

1977: Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh urged Malaysians to discard old harmful traditions not conducive to racial harmony and unity. 

He said at the opening of the Teo Chew Association building that the need for integration of the people cannot be overemphasised. 

He said although the clan system might have worked in bygone days, such narrow and inward-looking attitude could be harmful to efforts in uniting Malaysians in the modern age when interaction between the races was continuous. 

Petronas kiosk in every district 

1980: Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh said Petronas was willing to open at least one kiosk in every district in Sabah. 

He directed District Officers to find suitable sites in their areas and submit site plans to the State Secretary within a week. The list would, in turn, be submitted to Petronas so that construction of the sites could proceed without delay. The decision was taken in view of the oil shortages which was causing hardship to industry and business. 

He also said the oil companies would be asked to carry out a survey on oil storage capacity to determine whether Present facilities built 20 years ago were sufficient to meet the State’s growing demands. 

Harris also ordered to the Public Works Department to implement 55 gravity water supply projects without delay. 

Harris also urged civil servants to be more responsible, dedicated and show more initiative in carrying out their duties. 

“When Berjaya came to power, it was like letting down the fences of a buffalo pen to give freedom to caged animals. The buffaloes ran wild and sometimes far. “It is high time to bring them back so they’ can now serve,” he said. 

October 16 

Sapphire factory for Labuan 

1977: The Sabah National Youth Association Cooperative Society (Kosan) and an Australian firm have set up a RM500,000 sapphire cutting joint venture in Labuan for both the domestic and export markets. 

The factory would obtain crude sapphire from Queensland in Australia and Sri Lanka, a Kosan spokesman said. 

He said sapphire, the. third most precious stone after diamond and ruby could be obtained from the Universal Gem Centre which formed part of the factory complex on the island. 

October 17 

Sabah delegation on p’sula goodwill mission 

1971: A Sabah Goodwill Mission comprising 21 youths concluded a two-week goodwill tour of Peninsular Malaysia. 

The team which included Railey Jeffrey, explained to youths in peninsula about Sabah and its achievement, under Malaysia. 




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