Illegal lodgings at 1Sulaman
Published on: Sunday, January 29, 2023
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1Sulaman: Owner received Occupation Certificates late last year.
THE 10-year painful wait for a dream home is finally over for the proud owners of 1Sulaman Condominium, The Platinum Tower when they started receiving their home keys late 2022. Sadly our joy and happiness are short-lived. 

1 Sulaman is said to be the first of its kind mixed development with a water theme park and recreational landscaped park facilities within the complex. Its tagline “Where Lifestyle Takes A New Dimension” from the old brochure and the First Water Theme Park comes with 5 Star Clubhouse Facilities is no more exciting when residents are facing constant public nuisance from the uncivilized-lacked of civic mindedness uninvited guests flocking into their home condo without proper checking in. 

This is primarily due to the illegal homestay-airbnb operation within 1Sulaman. 

The Platinum Tower has 3 towers –  A, B and C with 1,008 residential units. Some irresponsible and unscrupulous owners have converted their units into a homestay/Airbnb without obtaining any operating licence.  This is where the nuisance and other related problems started. 

The illegal operators of these homestay/Airbnb riding on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok to advertise and promote their unit.

Capitalising on the water theme park, they attracted a lot of potential customers to book for their short stay in 1Sulaman.

Then, once the booking confirmed, the guest without shame invited their entire kampong folks, friends and family to join them in the small unit of 900sqft. It was earlier shared by another resident that there were about 15 – 20 pax staying at a unit and these 20 pax also jumped into the swimming pool without wearing proper swimming attire and adhering to the swimming pool rules. 

Normal tudung, track bottoms, t-shirts are seen worn inside the pool and some even eat and drink inside in the pool. Then, from the pool with their wet clothes, they straight away take the lift up to their homestay unit and wetting the entire corridor and lift.

These homestay guests did not even bother to register  with the security as they were given the access card which allows them to use the residents/owner’s parking lot and go directly to the unit. This caused inconvenience to the residents as the extra guests may take up others parking lot indiscriminately.

They litter by leaving their rubbish around the parking lot. Some even looked scary and frighten the residents. Residents privacy and exclusive rights to use the parking is now robbed by these people.

The influx of these uninvited homestay/Airbnb guests often letting the access door unlocked for their quick and easy entry. This pose some security concerns to the residents for intrusions, theft and break-ins. 

Residents/owners have been quite concerned about all this annoyance and urge their fellow neighbors who run the homestay/Airbnb to stop operating it illegally as well as control and manage their guest properly. 

Help and actions from the management is also lacking and unseen. Some residents have also contacted DBKK and forwarded their complaints on this illegal homestay/Airbnb for immediate action.

As the owner, we hope DBKK and other local authorities would be able to help us to curb this illegal homestay/Airbnb and also urge the public who bought their short vacation with this illegal operator to be mindful of not causing any inconvenience to the residents and must abide by the house rules. 

These people should behave appropriately and respect the owners when entering the residence.

Annoyed resident

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