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Unsure whose interests this Sabah-based NGO represents
Published on: Sunday, October 01, 2023
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THERE is a certain organisation called Persatuan Hak Asasi Rakyat Sabah (Sabah People’s Rights Association) that seems to exist mainly for publicity and to feel important.

We, the Suluk, Bruneians and Muruts, Natives of Sabah represent at least 80pc of Sabahans, and hereby disassociate ourselves from this Sabah People’s Right Association. The association barely represent 20pc of Sabahans and as someone representing 80% of Sabahans, we are not aware our rights are in need of protection. 

It could be that Sabah People’s Right Association exist primarily to protect the economic interests of the 20% who control the economy and wealth in Sabah. 

The office bearers of Sabah People’s Right Association comprise only “Orang Kaya” without representation by a single native to justify its name.

We the majority of Sabahans believe that our rights are already safeguarded by the Malaysian constitution and entrenched in the Sabah State Constitutions and by Parliament, which is considered supreme in Malaysia.  

We see no immediate threat to our rights except from the “twenty percent’’ who control the economy and wealth of Sabah. 

Within our brief history, we were handed over by the British to form Malaysia, we allowed immigration from Malaya, Hong Kong, India, Burma, Indonesia and Philippines and alienated city and town lands to migrants. 

We support Malaysia and the celebration of Malaysia Day on 31st August and draw parallel with the United States’ Independence Day, which is celebrated on the same day despite 20/30 states joining on different dates.

The 80pc natives of Sabah have survived the last 60 over years under the constitutional framework of the Federation of Malaysia without existence of the Sabah People’s Right Association. 

Therefore, one can only be skeptical of such an Association to suddenly appear with the motive to protect our rights.

To the President and Committee Members of Sabah People’s Right Association as per advertisement in Daily Express Page 24 on Saturday September 16, 2023, they should list down specific Sabah People’s Rights that have been taken away and by whom?  

Awang Tajuddin


Not all of the statements issued by the said NGO have been considered fit for publication in this paper. We are selective in what we publish as our priority is information that can benefit someone in one way or another – ED


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