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How are docs to save lives if no parking?
Published on: Sunday, March 31, 2024
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Our report on March 22
I REFER to your report about doctors only parking at QEH2. Quite frankly i find the report saddening and quite appaling and it shows no mercy or compassion towards doctors. 

About why specialist doctors are allocated specific parking lots. We come to work every single day, sometimes after office hours, sometimes on weekends as part of our oncalls. in the event of an emergency, and we are rushing to attend.

Can you imagine if we had to spend time driving around or parking across the main street; how much time it would take us? 

If a patient or visitor of the hospital comes once a month for an appointment and gets fed up and upset about the parking situation, can you imagine how we feel going through it daily?

I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that many doctors are overworked and underpaid and looking to leave for private. so for the few who stick around in civil service for the love and passion don’t you think we deserve small appreciations such as one less headache to find a parking?

I do agree that perhaps the hospital can establish a shuttle service so caregivers can drop the patient off and then drive over to Damai community hall for parking and take the shuttle service over. but if the caregiver finds it tedious to do it once in a month, how is it okay to make the doctors do it daily?

If the doctor is going to spend time driving around finding parking, etc, who is going to treat the very same patient who parked in front of the hospital and got there first? 

Have you forgotten the struggles we went through during Covid? And continuous struggles now with patient load, underpaid oncalls, heavy workload including lacking time to have lunch sometimes and everything else?

Please remember we are there to save lives including that of your reporter who did that story. So please have some respect and compassion for the specialist choosing to serve here in Borneo. 

A QE2 doctor

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