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Inspired words and photos of wild Sabah
Published on: Sunday, March 31, 2024
By: Kan Yaw Chong
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This looks like a bouquet but are corals a million times more colourful – an inspiring shot by Clement Lee in Maliangan, Kudat.
IN conjunction with Easter, we devote this Sunday’s Special Report to inspiring words and photos to think about what’s the best tips to live by.

The inspiring words take us to the complex 2nd law of physics which promises to reward those who understand how forces in nature work and apply it to reap the inevitable advantage, as illustrated by what looks like a professor of physics with pendulum balls.    

Focus of giving – 2nd Law of physics

Unidentified, the narrator of Daily Inspiration’s comments are as follows:  

“See these five balls there? Now if I drop 1 of these, 1 comes back. 

If I drop 2, 2 comes back. Let’s suppose I drop 3, will I just knock at 2? No, I drop 3, I get 3 back. Now if I drop 4, I get 4 back. 

“See, that is a law – energy out, energy back and it’s equal and opposite. You get the same back as you put in!

“If you are not happy with what you are getting in life, you better focus on what you are giving.” 

The 2nd law of physics – you receive what you give, the greater the giving, the greater the rebounds. (Screenshots by Immanuel Kan from Daily Inspiration) 

It sounds daunting, even silly, giving things or money away but a lot of people’s deep needs like a good word, goodwill, respect, moral support, gratitude, appreciation etc are valued and cherished as meaningful, significant, which if the Second Law of Physics is correct, will eventually be returned to the giver in full measure or more, as gratefulness rebounds somehow, somewhere, sometime.     

So in a few simple words, the professor has probably inspired countless children and adults for good how to live a rewarding life.  

‘United in Service’ – Ram

This interesting narrative about the benefit of giving as a way of life, ties in well with the latest belief of the Alumni of La Salle and Sacred Heart Exco which decided the theme for its annual fund raising dinner on 17 August 2024 at the Hakka Hall will be “United in Service”.  

Service and giving have only subtle differences. 

From left to right: Clement, Sophia and Ram

Service is more duty bound to create satisfaction for another while giving is a belief that generosity pays.  

“United in Service is a powerful theme that emphasises our collective effort and collaboration towards a common goal and cause, often highlighting the strength found in unity and selflessness,” said Alumni President, Datuk Ram Singh.

Ram said he is “committed” to perform this service mandate he has inherited as part of the education and spirit of La Salle passed down since school days from Sacred Heart Primary School all the way up to Form Six in the later 70s.   

“It underscores the idea that that by working together and serving others, we can achieve greater impact and make positive changes in our communities and the world at large,” he said.      

Clement Lee’s inspirational photos 

On inspiring photos, great thanks goes to spectacular shots from dive veteran, Clement Lee, who has been sharing his masterpieces with this writer practically early every morning.

Exceptionally colourful crested Fireback-Tabin. (Pix by Clement Lee) 

Yellow-throated marten. 

Red giant flying squirrel popping head out of tree.  

Flanged male Orangutan. 

Left pic: Albino turtle hatchling in Mataking Island Resort, Semporna. (Pic: Sophia Sie)

Spectacular Lion fish. 

After retiring from diving, Clement had been venturing mountain high ocean deep with professional cameras to capture inspirational shots in the wild which highlight the surprise creatures most city folks don’t know they exist.        

Here, we would like his inspirational pictures to speak for itself.

Rare albino turtle  

The lone exception is a shot of rare albino turtle hatchling with very light shell sent to this writer by Sophia Sie, CEO of Mataking Island Resort, Semporna.

Albinism happens apparently because of less melanin than usual in the body. 

Sabah partridge. 

Red-breasted partridge in Trusmadi.

Oriental Dwarf kingfisher. 

Black & Yellow Broadbill in Sukau. 

Pretty Bornean Banded pitta. 


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