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SESB must continue investing in innovation
Published on: Sunday, June 09, 2024
By: Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau
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INNOVATION is the lifeblood of progress, and at SESB, it has been a cornerstone of our mission to meet the ever-growing demand for electricity. 

Such endeavours are not mere luxuries but necessary steps to meet the escalating demand for electricity and to advance various generation, transmission, and distribution projects. 

Over the years, SESB’s workforce has exemplified extraordinary ingenuity and unwavering dedication to innovation. The year unfolding before us has already witnessed several remarkable achievements, each a testament to the transformative power of innovative thinking.

In March of this year, SESB demonstrated the power of internal expertise and innovative thinking. Faced with the critical challenge of increasing the generating capacity of the Sabah Grid, our internal experts drafted technological innovation ideas.

Leveraging their existing experience and expertise, they successfully modified a circuit breaker from a capacity of 132 kilovolts (kV) to 11kV. 

The outcome was transformative. For the first time, such an innovation was implemented on a power station, allowing the Patau-Patau Power Station in Labuan to increase its electricity generation capacity ahead of its scheduled completion in December 2024.

This achievement is a testament to the SESB team’s ability to think outside the box and develop solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in power generation. 

Another remarkable innovation this year involved the Tenom Pangi Hydro Power Station (SJHTP). Faced with the challenge of clearing large stones obstructing the removal process, the team at SESB, in collaboration with contractors, devised a ground-breaking method to circumvent the need for traditional blasting activities. 

The task was daunting, extending beyond the 4-kilometer tunnel to encompass the cleaning of debris, rocks, and mud within the three penstocks. The innovative techniques employed were reportedly unprecedented, highlighting SESB’s dedication to finding new, less invasive methods to tackle complex challenges.

Innovation at SESB is not a recent phenomenon. It has been a consistent focus for years. I vividly remember when I officiated the inaugural SESB Innovation Week back in 2019, where there were numerous promising innovations presented by SESB personnel. 

My sentiments from before remains the same that these innovations have the potential to be developed, patented, and manufactured into products beneficial for all, offering economic advantages and generating revenue for the company.

This year, one such innovation that stands out is the Multi Handle Tools Innovation Product, developed by a dedicated group of staff in Tawau.

The journey of the Multi Handle Tools Innovation Product began in 2017, with a team brimming with high spirits and determination. Despite the long wait and numerous challenges, their perseverance paid off. 

By 2019, an initial prototype had been developed, and its effectiveness was presented at the Distribution Technical Committee (DTC) Meeting in 2020. In 2021, the manufacturing process for the first set of Multi Handle Tools began.

Over the next few years, the product underwent rigorous on-site prototype testing and refinement. By June 2024, 100 units of the final product were inspected and ready for distribution across SESB.

The journey of the Multi Handle Tools Innovation Product is a prime example of how innovation can transform an idea into a tangible product that brings significant value. The project began with the team’s determination to improve operational efficiency by developing a tool that could simplify and streamline various tasks. 

This journey also highlights a crucial point. True innovation is rarely instantaneous. It often requires years of meticulous planning, development, and testing before an idea comes to fruition.

As we look to the future, it is essential for SESB and other organizations in the energy sector to continue investing in innovation. The challenges facing the industry are complex and evolving, requiring innovative solutions that can adapt to changing circumstances. 

In conclusion, SESB’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous efforts to enhance electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. The successes achieved this year alone highlight the remarkable capabilities within SESB to develop and implement innovative solutions. 

Whether it is modifying circuit breakers to boost generating capacity or adopting advanced techniques for environmental sustainability, SESB’s innovative spirit is a driving force that powers the company’s progress. 

Through this, it is clear that innovation will remain at the heart of SESB’s mission to meet the growing demand for electricity and contribute to a sustainable, efficient energy landscape.

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