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November 17, 1955 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (November 17, 1955) - In a busy fourth floor London office in the heart of the City a hundred years of Borneo history is being relived.
March 02, 1940 Sabah In History
March 2, 1940 - The death of Mr. C. Peto Bennett on the 17th January at the age of 84 breaks another link with the past.
November 26, 1938 Sabah In History
St. Andrew’s Night has long been acknowledged even by the humble Sassenach, as the greatest night of the year in Sandakan and Saturday night, the 26th November, 1938, when all the Sandakan Scots foregathered at Sandakan Club to honour Scotia’s Patron Saint, proved no exception to the rule.
September 16, 1938 Sabah In History
BNBH (16th September, 1938) TUARAN - Having been informed that no one has heard any news about Tuaran for a long time, the writer has set about gathering all facts of interest to satisfy those readers who are thirsting for information about this fine little place.
March 03, 1938 Sabah In History
BRITISH NORTH BORNEO (Thursday, March 3, 1938) - An outstanding contribution to the literature concerned with the administration of colonial territories in the Far East is a work just issued by Rupert Emerson, Assistant Professor of Government at Havard University. This is entitled Malaysia A study in Direct and Indirect rule.
February 16, 1932 Sabah In History
JESSELTON, Tuesday 16.2.1932 - (Continued from last week) - In this first campaign, 1254 cases were treated, no less than 142 villages being represented among these patients. Each patient was injected in the open before some two hundred of his comrades and was carefully told before any treatment was given what was going to be done and what would result.
February 16, 1932 Sabah In History
JESSELTON, Tuesday 16.2.1932 - SANDAKAN NOTES. - With all the best intentions in the world, it is still quite impossible in Sandakan, just as ‘much as it is in Jesselton, to act to any large extent on the excellent, advice to “Buy British”.
February 01, 1932 Sabah In History
February 02, 1931 Sabah In History
THE BRITISH NORTH BORNEO HERALD - (February 2, 1931) - BEAUFORT NOTES - On the 13th two officers off H.M.S. Kent which was then in Jesselton, Major E. Jukes Hughes (Royal Marines) O.B.E, and Lieutenant Commander W. St. J. Cobley passed through by motor trolley on their way to view the Padas Gorge and Tenom. They stopped here for half an hour to have a bite of breakfast with the District Officer, before proceeding on their journey.
January 02, 1931 Sabah In History
THE BRITISH NORTH BORNEO HERALD - (January 2, 1931) - To those who have seen it, and they are many, sea-lightning must appear a mystifying term. One is familiar with forked lightning, and sheet-lightning, and one or two oil, curls but not with any form of lightning peculiarly connected with the sea. Yet no other term can so aptly describe the strange phenomenon.
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