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October 29, 1979 Sabah In History
DAILY EXPRESS (Monday, October 29, 1979) - KOTA KINABALU, Sun: The Government’s Old Age Assistance Scheme came into being yesterday when about 100 elderly people collected their first $60.00 cash aid from Minister of Social Welfare, Toh Puan Rahimah at a simple ceremony at the Sembulan Community Centre near here.
November 09, 1978 Sabah In History
KINABALU SABAH TIMES - (Thursday, November 9, 1978) - KOTA KINABALU, Wed.— The Yang Dipertua Negeri, Datuk Mohammad Adnan Robert today declared open the Ex-Policemen’s Association Malaysia building at Sinsuran shop complex. The building which was donated by the Sabah Government cost $415,800.
September 22, 1978 Sabah In History
DAILY EXPRESS (Friday, Sept 22, 1978) - KOTA KINABALU: Thurs. – The State Cabinet has decided to implement a Subsidy Scheme for rice farming in the State, Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk James Ongkili said today. Datuk James who chaired a Cabinet meeting said: “The need to produce adequate supply of rice has always been one of the major problems of Sabah. In the past, the State had depended quite heavily on import of rice to supplement the increasing demands of consumers. It was in an attempt to solve the problem of the shortage of rice that the Sabah Padi Board was established in 1967.” .
May 18, 1978 Sabah In History
DAILY EXPRESS (Thursday, May 18, 1978) - LABUAN, Wed. — President Suharto of Indonesia arrived here today to a tumultuous welcome by the island population.
May 18, 1978 Sabah In History
DAILY EXPRESS (Thursday, May 18, 1978) - Our Prime Minister and Indonesia’s President – Datuk Hussein Onn and General Suharto – are meeting at Labuan for consultation on problems confronting Southeast Asia. It is a tradition for leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia to hold informal meetings in the quest for mutual understanding and to further promote the existing friendship. It is also the Asean leaders’ tradition to hold informal meetings, besides their regular summit, to exchange views and ideas for mutual benefit for the peoples in the region.
June 04, 1977 Sabah In History
DAILY EXPRESS - (June 4, 1977) - LAST Saturday, 4th June 1977, marked the passing away of one of Sabah’s greatest and most notable sportsman, Vu Chun Fah, better known as Voo Fah, passed away in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a long illness. He was only 52 years old.
May 12, 1977 Sabah In History
Daily Express (Thursday, May 12, 1977) - KOTA KINABALU, Wed. With the official opening of the Kinabalu International Hotel in Kota Kinabalu today by the Deputy Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Sabah can now offer businessmen and tourists first class accommodation.
January 01, 1977 Sabah In History
Daily Express (Saturday, January 1, 1977) - TAMPARULI, Fri. – When the clock strikes twelve at midnight December 31, 1976, Tamparuli will officially become a Sub-District.
October 29, 1976 Sabah In History
Daily Express (Friday 29.10.1976) - RANAU, Thursday – Kundasang is to be developed into a major vegetable-producing centre catering for the needs of Sabah, Saarwak and Brunei.
June 26, 1976 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Saturday, June 26, 1976) - KOTA KINABALU, Tuesday. – The younger brother of the late Tun Haji Mohamed Fuad Stephens, Datuk Ben Stephens, has been appointed the new Director of the Sabah Foundation. Datuk Ben Stephens, Sabah’s former Director of Establishment, replaces Datuk Syed Kechik in the post.
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