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July 31, 2021 Sabah In History
3RD AUGUST, 1938 Time passed and we "clocked" the sun; for no decent jungle man carries a watch, not even should he happen to be Swiss! And jungle time! But as Kipling has it, that is another story. It was almost two o'clock and time to return to camp. Only the waterfall had to be climbed first with the Piulin aneroid. The latter registered a height of 23m (80ft).
July 24, 2021 Sabah In History
2ND NOVEMBER 1938 A wild pig hunt took place at Membakut on the 4th October. The drive started from the railway line between Sungei Damit and the Bangawan river and ended up on the seashore between the Bangawan and Membakut rivers.
July 17, 2021 Sabah In History
NOVEMBER 2 1938 This industry is now centred at Tetabuan. Up to the year 1927, seed pearls were also worked at Sesip on Sugut river delta, and at Kuala Paitan. Since then seed pearl fishery at the two latter places has been abandoned, the crop having been destroyed entirely by the heavy floods of that year.
July 10, 2021 Sabah In History
By William Pryer (Reproduced on 1st Oct, 1938) Having to go up the Kinabatangan, I thought I should save time by using the Segaliud path to Sebangan; last February I crossed by this track without any difficulty, on the present occasion however, owing to recent heavy rains I was unsuccessful in getting over, but as a few notes of what I experienced during the journey may not be uninterested to your readers, I now send you copy of my diary:- 8th Sept. Left Sandakan at 8am in the growler, having in tow two canoes of Mr White’s, who was going to survey some land at the upper end of the Bay, dropped him at old Sandakan; arrived at the Buludupy Kampong at Seguliud at 2pm, borrowed a canoe from the natives and returned the Growler; which got back to Sandakan the same night.
July 03, 2021 Sabah In History
May 1, 1883, SANDAKAN MR. KETTLEWELL’s yacht, the Marchesa, four hundred and eighty tons, arrived at Sandakan on the 3rd March. Mr Kettlewell is accompanied by Mrs Kettlewell, and Mr Bampfylde, the Sub-resident, availed himself of the owner’s kind offer to return in the yacht to his duties from Hongkong. On the way up from Hongkong the yacht looked in at Taae in Luzon, and at the charming island of Cagayan, Sulu. Mr Kettlewell, we understand, intends visiting Sulu and Mindanao, the Celebes, New Guinea and other islands in these parts. He has engaged the services of Mr Griffiths, photographer of Hongkong, for the cruise, and a fine series of very interesting views will thus be secured. Mr Griffiths obtained several excellent views at Kudat and Sandakan. .
July 03, 2021 Sabah In History
1st Sept 1938 Old forts may be found in some parts of the country, but history and stories of each differs. My findings of the forts in Langas and Atas rivers, midway between Semporna and Lahad Datu proved that the natives in the olden day knew how to protect themselves from foreign aggression. It gives now a national monument of remembrance.
June 26, 2021 Sabah In History
MARCH 3, 1938 An outstanding contribution to the literature concerned with the administration of colonial territories in the Far East is a work just issued by Rupert Emerson, Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University. This is entitled Malaysia: A study in Direct and Indirect Rule.
June 19, 2021 Sabah In History
17TH JANUARY 1940 Rizal Day Celebration has become a big Annual Affair for the Filipino Community of Sandakan. The 1930 celebration was made possible by the active initiation of Messrs. J Agama and J Sales ably assisted by Mr M Udarbe, and, of course, by the ready support of all civic minded Filipinos in Sandakan.
June 19, 2021 Sabah In History
2ND MARCH 1940 The outbreak of war found British North Borneo ready to play a useful part.
June 12, 2021 Sabah In History
16th Sept 1938 REPORT of the One-hundred-and-first General Meeting of Shareholders of the British North Borneo (Chartered) Company held at River Plate House, Finsbury Circus, London, E.C.2, on Tuesday, 2Ist June, 1938.
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