Special Reports

April 10, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart) AS drivers on the road, one of the most imperative rules to follow and abide by is being responsible while behind the wheel. Whether if it’s a fender bender or worse, drivers should always make a conscious effort to own up the consequences of road incidents, should it befall upon them. This is especially true of accidents involving victims, humans or animals alike.
April 10, 2021 Special Reports
OVER the past several months there has been a sharp increase in the number of abandoned cats and dogs.
April 04, 2021 Special Reports
MUCH has been spoken and written about gardening everywhere, but to most people, there is little or no difference between urban or rural gardening, mobile or stationary gardens, vertical or flat gardens, floating or aquatic gardens, and so on. What is commonly understood and practised among city folks is that gardening is simply about handling and growing plants using various cultivation media and under differing conditions, with the resultant rewards that are appreciable and satisfying in terms of some pleasing sights, relaxing fragrances and aromas, and abundant harvests of mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. And nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for brilliant plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts with the foresight to focus not only on those matters but also on the financial returns that can be reaped from gardening activities that are basically hobbies or keep-fit deeds in an otherwise boring and stressful environment, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still hanging around.
April 04, 2021 Special Reports
IRRESPECTIVE of our racial background, everyone born and bred in Sabah feel deeply proud of Sabah – “Mountains High and Oceans Deep” – a favourite mantra which Dato Dr Tengku Adlin was fond of describing a world-class real estate of utmost beauty, in his heydays whenever he presented Sabah’s case to world tourism.
April 04, 2021 Special Reports
A SUBJECT that is close to my heart is angels, my inner companion from young.
April 04, 2021 Special Reports
VISUALLY-challenged national para-athlete Jonathan Wong Kar Gee truly personifies his famous late grandfather Datuk Seri Wong Kwok’s motto, “Winners never quit, quitters never win”.
April 03, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart).
March 28, 2021 Special Reports
WHAT is a Flame Lily?  And why must its flowers be twisted?  Very simple.  The flower petals are always naturally twisted even during its earliest stage of opening, with the colour of mature old flowers being of a striking flame-red.  In fact, the physical characteristics of its flowers is quite different from most other flowers. This is easily seen in the nodding flowers where the petals arch upwards and backwards to leave the stamens and ovary hanging at the bottom.
March 28, 2021 Special Reports
COUNTRY Garden Lodge in Kg Maang is a 15-minute drive from Donggongon township. Visitors often make a phone call to the owner or drop a message at its Facebook page.
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