Special Reports

June 26, 2022 Special Reports
BEHIND the production of Daily Express’ unprecedented documentary entitled “Double Six – The untold Stories” is investigative journalism – taking a deep look into the incident.
June 19, 2022 Special Reports
‘OF course, this is very academic and my guess is as good or as bad as anybody else,” said Tan Sri Simon Sipaun during a sharing session on Daily Express’ “Double Six: The Untold Stories Documentary” premiere on June 6.
June 12, 2022 Special Reports
SABAH’S high-yield dive industry was reportedly worth RM700 million in pre-Covid days.
June 05, 2022 Special Reports
REMEMBER the world was awe-struck and fascinated after reports of a herd of wild elephants ‘moved out’ of home and wandered for more than a year across built-up China, went viral? But when least expected it, Chinese elephant specialist, Dr Becky Shu Chen was in Sabah to speak about it on May 27 in a session dubbed “Promoting connectivity through non-linear infrastructures” at the 2nd Asia Parks Congress held in the Sabah International Convention Centre May 24-29. What happened? The 15-strong herd literally abandoned its wild habitat in its Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve (241,000ha) southwest China in March 2020 and started tromping northwards across villages, crashing into houses, munching crops and, entered cities in Yunan eventually reaching the outskirts of Kunming, a 8.5-million strong Yunan provincial capital city, before turning around to head home.
June 05, 2022 Special Reports
AMONG those who carried out the decapitations was the son of a Japanese businessmen killed by the guerrillas on the night of the uprising. He was said to have wielded his Japanese military sword and hacked repeatedly at one of the prisoners (Mochizuki 1995: 60). Not much else is known of what transpired at Petagas after that, but news of the executions soon spread to Jesselton and the entire west coast. It had a profound impact on the morale and spirit of the people, striking fear in them. At the Batu Tiga prison the fate of those who had been sent to Petagas on 21 January was known to the remaining prisoners the following afternoon. Though the men were aware that Albert Kwok and the 175 men had been taken out and put on the train, they were under the impression that the men were being transported to another place to serve their prison sentences.
May 29, 2022 Special Reports
DAILY Express: You walked the whole distance of the Sandakan-Ranau Death March route – 260km. What was your experience? Major Om Pun: It’s challenging, the heat the humidity and marching a long day was certainly challenging which pushed us to our limits but when we remembered what the Prisoners of War went through 77 years ago, they were in a weakened condition, we were well fed, well equipped, very, very well supported by TYK Adventure Tours so we had every possible support. Yet  we were still challenged but thinking about those who went through it 77 years ago, they were malnourished, weakened, diseased , no equipment like foot wears even, no clothing, no umbrella or no sun hats,  none of those and marching under command. Thinking about those it’s horrifying you know if you were, I comprehend what they went through- and what a torture. I honestly felt emotional just thinking about it.
May 29, 2022 Special Reports
SHUT down for two full years by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Queen’s Gurkha Signals were the first international group to grab the opportunity to fly into Sabah to mount a full 260km Death March trek from April 28 to May 8.
May 29, 2022 Special Reports
LEE Vui Leong’s relationship with the guerrillas was clarified by his wife Kong, “My husband never joined them as an active member, but he helped them whenever he could, including passing information in early 1943. I knew of my husband’s connection with the guerrillas.” The Japanese, however, maintained that Lee Vui Leong was involved. Sergeant Major Tsuji Toyoji, who was later tried for the death of Lee Vui Leong, testified that he was ordered by his commanding officer Lieutenant Onishi. Lee Vui Leong’s death was one of two tragedies suffered by the Li family following the uprising. His father, Li Tet Phui, was later executed by the Japanese at Petagas. Other members of the family, including Vincent Lee Vui Min, were also tortured. Vincent Lee was given water treatment at Menggatal twice. After being transferred to Jesselton, he was interrogated, beaten, and interned for two and half months.” Chin Shen Kee, the uncle of the two younger Lees was also executed at Petagas.
May 22, 2022 Special Reports
THIS special report is about the work of a retired rare local Tropical Fruit Tree researcher, Willian Wong.
May 22, 2022 Special Reports
FOLLOWING the revolt, Albert Kwok and his party wandered as fugitives for more than a month before finding their way to Penampang on 13 December 1943. They had travelled quite a distance and managed to reach Tambunan and even Ranau, but had to turn back to be nearer the coast as Kwok had not given up hope on the arrival of the American-Filipino guerrillas under Colonel Suarez to reinforce the guerrillas. They first reached Kiansom, Inanam, before crossing over to Penampang.
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