Special Reports

June 20, 2021 Special Reports
FINALLY, the “boundless potential of crypto currency” is lending a big hand to the sea turtles of Libaran Island which is not part of the Sabah Turtle Islands Park.
June 19, 2021 Special Reports
MANY people donate to popular charities – but very few donate towards animal welfare where it is needed most! .
June 19, 2021 Special Reports
THE people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off. How can we?.
June 13, 2021 Special Reports
LAST Sunday’s Special Report entitled “A dead planet on World environment Day” was actually a deliberate cynical spin on a grandiose delusion that one species – the human race – towers over and dominate the rest of some 11.3 million different species of known life on Earth called biodiversity.   Earth sustains an incredible diversity of life that live and teem in the environment called ecosystems.
June 12, 2021 Special Reports
WE have to praise City Hall (DBKK) for compounding the dog owners and not capturing the dogs.
June 12, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart).
June 06, 2021 Special Reports
JUNE 5 is World Environment Day, first launched in 1974 by the United Nations. Forty-six years had past but has the environment got better? Mark Holle, and I go straight to his point, said: “Any sober assessment of the trends over those decades must conclude not only has it failed but failed spectacularly!” Not that nobody was doing nothing.
June 05, 2021 Special Reports
IT IS such a common occurrence in Sabah that dogs get abandoned/killed/thrown away for the silliest reasons.
June 05, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart) .
June 01, 2021 Special Reports
BORNEO is the third largest island in the world and is surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse marine habitats on the planet.
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