Special Reports

September 26, 2021 Special Reports
NOW we know exactly what happened in Sugud: Hills cut, landslides, headwaters upstream choked, dams burst, suddenly unleashing the “worst ever” catastrophic mud flood that filled numerous houses with mud and sand on September 15.
September 25, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart).
September 25, 2021 Special Reports
CASHEW is a shy and gentle girl looking for a home to call her fur-ever secure home. Once you have gained her trust and friendship, she will shower you with lots of “ah woos” (the longest ones ever) which we like to think is her way of saying, “I love you”! .
September 19, 2021 Special Reports
TALK global warming to the commoner is like talking to stones. Nothing sinks in. Now that extreme weather has swept home with unimaginable destruction, suffering and death almost every other week, time to say yes, it’s real, not a hoax.
September 19, 2021 Special Reports
SINCE the early days, the Swastika has been a dominant holy symbol because it promotes peace, prosperity, and good fortune.
September 19, 2021 Special Reports
THE gender gap in software engineering has been a hot-button issue for many years, which caused few women to enrol in computing, and most of them are not entering the technology jobs at the same rate as men. One reason can be traced back to male-dominated workplaces.
September 18, 2021 Special Reports
HUMANS, do you know that you are bringing the downfall of the world and creating all the troubles and problems on this beautiful earth? It is common for pet owners to abandon their pet(s) when they feel like it. Humans think it is alright to abandon the dog/cat in an area where there are food shops/feeders etc but do they know there are other dogs there already and the newcomer will have to fight for its place and life, for that matter?  And shelter? It’s not like there’s a sign that says “Welcome! Free accommodation for abandoned dogs/cats”.
September 18, 2021 Special Reports
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart).
September 12, 2021 Special Reports
WAS THE extra power of global warming behind the Myvi tragedy that left Sabahans who watched the viral footage in horror as torrents floundered the car like a cardboard box into the Sinulihan River, Kionsom, on September 3? Driver Simon Sanga Tupe, 68, and passenger Juning Maturun, 37, both died.   No one should be surprised they are probably victims of global warming which caused the huge deluge and the furious torrents which easily swept the Myvi off the low lying bridge.
September 11, 2021 Special Reports
MOST Malaysians lack the common sense when it comes to throwing rubbish in the right places – the rubbish bins.
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