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October 03, 2023 World
SAN FRANCISCO: Apple on Monday said it is working to fix a “bug” it said was among reasons some newly released iPhone 15 smartphones are heating up.
October 03, 2023 World
PARIS: Taylen Biggs has close to 1.5 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, a wardrobe full of designer clothes and 15 fashion weeks under her belt – and she’s 10 years old.
October 03, 2023 World
VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis will on Wednesday open the Synod of Bishops, a key congress that will for the first time include women and laypeople to help chart the future of the Catholic Church.
October 02, 2023 World
WASHINGTON: The US Congress passed an 11th-hour funding bill at the weekend to keep federal agencies running for another 45 days and avert a costly government shutdown—although the deal left out aid to war-torn Ukraine requested by President Joe Biden (pic).
October 01, 2023 World
Tyson Fury will take on Oleksandr Usyk in a historic undisputed heavyweight showdown in Saudi Arabia, promoters announced on Friday.
October 01, 2023 World
LONDON: Bans and restrictions on supplying single-use plastics have come into force in England, reported German news agency (dpa). .
September 30, 2023 World
BERLIN: On the first anniversary of Russia's annexation of the four Ukrainian regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk and Luhansk, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged reconstruction of the war-torn regions, reported German news agency (dpa).  .
September 30, 2023 World
VIENNA: A German motorcyclist miraculously survived a fall into a deep mountain ravine in Austria with only minor injuries, police said on Saturday, reported German news agency (dpa). .
September 30, 2023 World
MOSCOW: Ukrainian Nazi veteran Yaroslav Hunka and his family are in hiding amid a scandal in the Canadian Parliament, Sputnik quoted CBC television channel report.
September 30, 2023 World
NEW YORK: A sea lion got a taste of freedom — and murky brown floodwaters — after a deluge of rain battering New York City (NYC) caused the Central Park Zoo sea lion pool to flood over on Friday, reported German news agency (dpa). .
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