SPM results are out!
Published on: Monday, June 20, 2022
By: K Krishnan
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AT last the SPM results are out. After spending almost 11 years in school, you have finally got your results. This is proof that you have completed your primary and secondary education in Malaysia. The SPM is a very important examination in your life, believe it or not!

When you apply for a job, you have to produce your SPM.  When you apply for a scholarship, you need to show your SPM results. When you want to join a college/university, you need the SPM result slip. That is why they say that SPM is your passport. If you did not sit for the SPM in 2022 (for whatever reasons!) or you didn’t do very well in your SPM, it is better for you to re-sit for the SPM. You have three options.
  1. Go back to your former school and tell them your situation.
  2. Join a private school that prepares you for the SPM.
  3. Study on your own and sit for the SPM. If you choose this option it is better to get some coaching / tutoring from some tuition centres. If you didn’t get good grades in certain subjects (such as BM and History), you have another chance to cross the hurdle. 

Results in your hand

There are many doors open for you, if you have your results in your hand. Before you blindly and hurriedly choose an option, you must have a career plan. Career Planning is Life Planning.  Take some time and draw “Your Career Plan”. Your School Counsellors and teachers in school would have given you some guidelines. Your family members would have shared with you their views. Your relatives would have given you some ideas. Your would have visited some education or career fairs where the college / university reps may have motivated you on some careers. You may have read of careers in the newspapers, internet or social media. Knowingly or unknowingly you have a wealth of knowledge or a “ Career Bank” within you.

My career plan

If you have never done a career plan in your life, it is time to learn it. There are four simple steps in Career Planning.

Step 1: Discover Yourself

No one knows you better than you. Make an inventory about yourself under 7 groupings: 

(a)    My Passion

(b)    My Interest

(c)    My Values

(d)    My Hobbies 

(e)    Subjects I like in school 

(f)    My  skills

(g)    My occupational interest

Under each grouping write as many items as you can. The more items you write, the better it would be for you.  

Step 2: Explore Options

What are the careers that matches your passion, interest, values, hobbies, school subjects, skills and occupational interest. List them down. Some careers may overlap or may be repeated several times. Choose at least five careers that are popular in your list. Prioritise them accordingly:





From your “Career Bank “ that you have accumulated, find out which college or university offers the course in Malaysia.  Browse through the internet and collect details such as entry requirements, duration of course, tuition fees, financial aid, application procedure, deadlines, etc, 

Step 3: Decision Making

Once you have all the details at your fingertips, discuss your plan with your parents/elders. Your parents should be aware of your plans. Will they support you financially? Would they agree to your plan? Do they have any reservations? You need to convince them and get their blessings.

Last but not least, would you be able to get a job in the field you studied? Is there a demand for the career. Would the community or country be able to employ you in the future. Browse through the internet and study the labour market demand for the career you have short-listed. The professional bodies have information on labour market.  Try and study the future trend.   

Step 4: Take  Action.

Once you have done “ My Career Plan” successfully, you are ready to go. If you need to apply to UPU, apply before the deadline.  If you are applying to a private college / university, re-visit their website and get all the information before you enrol. It will also be good to talk to some former or current students regarding the course and  the college.

You need to invest some time and energy on planning your future. Do not totally depend on your peers or people around you for information. All the information you need is available on-line. The more time you invest on your future, the better equipped you will be. 

Career Tip

If you have completed  “My Career Plan” and still feel lost, send your career plan by whatsapp to 016 -211 6100. Mr K. Krishnan is available to give you FREE Career Planning advice. (Note: Only through whatsapp messages and no phone calls please). This special service will be available till 30/6/22 for Daily Express readers.


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