P.Ramlee didn't die poor: Niece
Published on: Sunday, February 04, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur: Tan Sri P. Ramlee's niece Rozita Rohaizad has refuted reports that he died a pauper, according to malay Mail.Rozita is daughter to Mariani, sister of Puan Sri Salmah Ismail, better known as Saloma.

Rumours were abound that P. Ramlee had a reversal of fortunes in the 1970s that left him scorned and forgotten.

"That is wrong. He lived in a bungalow and had helpers.

"Saloma was still singing at clubs at the time so it was impossible he had no money at all. He wasn't super wealthy, but he wasn't a pauper either.

"I don't know how the rumours came about."

Rozita was met during the recent Malam Nostalgia Lagenda press conference at WOWKL where she shared some personal stories.

"My father, H.M. Rohaizad died when I was four, so P. Ramlee was a father figure to me when I was growing up.

I called him 'daddy' and Saloma was 'mama'.

"My mother remarried and I lived with my grandmother in Singapore.

"Whenever there was a festival in Singapore, daddy and mama would come visit me.

"When I was 17, I travelled often to Kuala Lumpur to stay with them."

Later, Rozita herself joined the entertainment industry in the 1980s as a singer and actress.

She had appeared in films such as Tanah Kubur, Sumpahan Puaka and Gerak Khas.

She also said it was true that P. Ramlee did not do a lot of creative work when he returned to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore's famous Jalan Ampas studios in the 1960s. In Kuala Lumpur, his career development was not as expected.

"That was the only difference."

Rozita said P. Ramlee was a jovial person who was only stern with his son, Nasir.

"I don't ever remember him raising his voice. He would talk to his children and nieces if he found something he didn't like.

"Daddy liked to eat and liked to cook. He never bothered Saloma or his helpers about food.

Whenever he was hungry, he would prepare his own meals."

And being a Penangite, she said, P. Ramlee would only speak in his native dialect when he was with friends.

"My only regret was not being able to attend his funeral on May 29, 1973," she said.


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