Kolombong manhole leaking and smelly
Published on: Saturday, May 18, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

The Public Works Department (PWD) has been notified about the need to attend to the leaking manhole at a section of Lorong Kacang Tanah 1, as it created a large pool of smelly water in that part of Kolombong. 

A concerned shopowner whose shop located at the nearby commercial centre told Hotline recently that the waste water that spilling out from the loosened manhole lid can damage the bitumen on the road and polluting the drains in that industrial centre. 

“I initially thought it was just rain water because it rained heavily on the day when I first spotted it but I noticed the accumulation of water remained in that area even after several days,” said JOSEPH, the complainant. 

Apart from chasing away their customers due to the stench, he lamented that it also posed a health hazard to the people who were exposed to such unhealthy environment on a daily basis.

“It’s not healthy to breathe air which has been contaminated with sewage,” he added. 

He, however, said there was no issue in using the toilets in his shop unit at the moment. 

“We can flush water down the toilet bowls without any problem but this is not the reason for the authority to take the matter lightly,” he said. 

To make matters worse, he said motorists had to drive through the accumulation of sewage water on the road. 

“It left a bad smell on our driveway and even on our car porch at home.” 

He urged the relevant authority to expedite their effort to unclog a blocked sewer pipeline in that area. 

“It really needs maintenance at this point given its present condition,” he added. 

A PWD spokeswoman assured that its workers would be deployed to the site to check the contents of the manhole soon as possible. 

“Allow us to check on it first before commenting at this stage,” she said, adding that the outcome would be submitted to Hotline later. (OV)



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