Telekom rectifies service poles at Kg Novoung, Papar
Published on: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd (TM) has replaced several bent service poles and attended to others issues pertaining to their equipment in Kampung Novoung in Papar.

A resident there contacted Hotline in July about the present condition of the telephone poles along the village road which were either bent, slanting profusely towards the ground or densely blanketed by weeds. 

A TM spokeswoman said the maintenance works which also include clearing creepers that covered their property were completed in several hours on that day. 

“We apologised to the villagers for slowing down the traffic flow along that stretch during the course of the work because of our equipment at the roadside,” she added. 

She said a similar attention would be carried out at other villages there as well. 

“There is a need to ensure all our equipment are in good condition to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted land line services to our subscribers,” she added.  

She urged members of the public to make full use of their Careline centre (100) to lodge complaint of such nature. 

“I have reported to their branch office in this district in April but to no avail,” said RICHARD, the complainant.

He said the slanting and wrecked pole must be attended to immediately as they were likely to collapse at any time given the current arbitrary weather condition. 

“Who knows they will just collapse tonight or tomorrow because it tends to rain heavily which aggravates by strong winds almost every day at this time of the year,” he added. 

He also pointed out that several poles in that area were severely blanketed by thick weeds. 

“This may hasten the process of corrosion to their equipment and their sturdiness will be compromised because of that,” he said. 

Asked whether the land lines in that village were affected by these problems, he replied no. 

“But they shouldn’t dilly dally just because our internet and telephone line are unaffected by it,” he added.   (OV)


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