Reaching out via cycling
Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
By: Johan Aziz

KENINGAU: The Keningau District Police Headquarters has taken the initiative to reach out to communities in the area through organising the 2019 Merdeka Ride Programme.

District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Shahrudin Mat Husain said it was organised in collaboration with the Taqwa Cycling Recreation Club (TQCC) housed under the Youth Bureau of Al-Taqwa Mosque, Keningau.

“I hope that with such a programme, friendly relationship between the District Police Headquarters and the local community can be strengthened,” he said when met at the Merdeka Ride Programme at the Sports Complex here

With the theme, “Sayangi Malaysiaku Dengan Berkayuh Demi Negara”,’ he said, it was timely especially to instill a sense of independence among the people of the district.

He said the objective of the programme was to symbolise loyalty to the country in addition to strengthening the relationship between the District Police Headquarters and the community and to promote a healthy lifestyle by cycling and strengthening friendships with Al-Taqwa Keningau Mosque, the community of Kampung Baginda and SMK Bingkor in particular.

“The 27-kilometre ride was attended by 300 cycling enthusiasts, men and women from all over the district in particular and throughout the interior.

“Two pit stops have been selected in Kampung Baginda and SMK Bingkor where the participants will take a few hours to be with the villagers and the school students,” he said.

Shahrudin said Assistant District Officer (Administration) Edward Bungsu representing District Officer Hassan Mahali, along with District Information Officer Jaafar Matamin flagged-off participants led by him (Shahrudin) at the Keningau Sports Complex.

He said participants would move from the Sports Complex and through Jalan Dangulad, Tuarid Taud, Ayangan City, Tigot, His Majesty, Binaong, Bingkor Town, SMK Bingkor, New Tudan Village, Pamalan Scheme, Jamil Guest, Golf Course, Kampung Samalang, Keningau Village and return to the Sports Complex as a final stop.

Assistant Minister of Rural Development, Rasinin Koutis has officiated on the programme.

“During a stop in Kampung Baginda, a one-hour friendly session with the villagers by participants and presented a certificate of appreciation to the Village Community Management Council (MPKK) as a token of appreciation for their support and involvement with the event

“That was when a stop at SMK Bingkor was also held on drugs talks from the Keningau District Headquarters Narcotic and Traffic Division to students at the school,” he said.

In addition, he said, handing out certificate to the school representative and singing Jalur Gemilang songs together with the students to celebrate the month of independence. He said the participants then rushed back to the Sports Complex for a formal opening ceremony by Rasinin and a lucky draw.

Shahrudin hopes that the programme will attract the participation of cycling enthusiasts from Keningau and beyond this area in addition to achieving its goals and objectives and is a turning point for closer ties and cooperation between the Royal Malaysian Police and the local community.

He also described that this was the largest participation in organising the Merdeka Ride in conjunction of the National Day celebration and from his experience led the race, all participants were happy and excited throughout the 27-kilometre journey.

“Most of the participants are members of the cycling club in this area besides individuals. As cycling has become a favorite among the people, especially the youth in the area, there should be more fun ride activities to be made as sporting activity for all ages,” he said.

He thanked Rasinin, heads of State and Federal government departments, officers and members of the Police District Headquarters, Taqwa Cycling Club (TQCC) and the donors for the lucky draw and a bicycle as a grand prize draw.

Meanwhile, Rasinin, who is also Liawan State Assemblyman in his speech, said the programme would boost the spirit of independence among participants, mostly youths and students.

“I hope that this programme which adopts a more community-friendly approach can enlighten the local community especially the youth about independence in order to reflect on the history of the struggle of past and present leaders until the formation of Malaysia,” he said.

He also called on the youths to enjoy the benefits of independence by striving to improve themselves to move forward and progress and their families.

According to him, maintaining the sovereignty of the country and being loyal to the nation, religion and country should be given priority in everyday life.

At the event, Rasinin also presented the lucky ticket prizes and the grand prize of a bike to the lucky winner, Inspector James Ding.



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