Jannie backs decision on slot machine licences
Published on: Friday, September 20, 2019
By: Ottey Peter
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KOTA KINABALU: State Law and Native Affairs Assistant Minister Jannie Lasimbang said she supported the State Government’s decision not to allow slot machine businesses to renew their licences once expired.

“It was a difficult decision made by the State Government as people will lose their jobs. But I also have seen many problems related to slot machines such as gambling which is wrecking families,” she said. 

Jannie said gambling has become a very serious problem and it cannot be restrained by just closing or cancelling the trading licences for slot machines as new problems will arise such as illegal gambling.

“My concern is nothing can be done to curb illegal gambling because the problem doesn’t lie on the legal premise as nowadays gambling activities can be on the Internet or among the people in the village.

“I would like to recommend to the State Government and relevant authority to look closely on how the development of slot machines will continue after the decision,” she said.

Meanwhile, Penampang councillor Richard Chong hoped the State Government will consult relevant parties before deciding whether to renew the trading licences of slot machine establishments.

“We have received instruction from the Local Government and Housing Ministry (KKTP) to stop issuing the trading licences to all slot machine clubs in Penampang. Our intention is to reduce the slot machines but there is nothing we can do. 

“The Government knows better but I think they should at least consult or maybe do a dialogue before making the decision,” he said.



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