Telekom to step up monitoring of overhead lines
Published on: Saturday, February 22, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The Unifi cable along this Luyang road was put back aright by a TM contractor (lorry seen right).
Inset: The overhead line was pinned down for more than a week recently.
TELEKOM Malaysia (TM) Bhd staff will step up efforts to monitor the condition of its overhead lines on Jalan VIP, in Luyang, to ensure that any irregularities involving these structures are dealt with quickly.

This follows a complaint from a homeowner about the overgrown trees along many of the housing roads in the neighbourhood.

She said the branches of this greenery had encroached into the path of the telephone and Internet lines.

The individual said, in one section, a tree had actually fallen onto a Unifi cable which had been pinned down for more than a week recently. The subscriber provided Hotline with the location of the cable in question.

A TM spokesman said an inspection was carried out of the area shortly after the firm became aware of the problem.

 “There was a slight delay in attending to this problem as our staff were tied up attending to similar problems in another part of the State Capital,” he said 

He said the overhead line was set back aright and the trunk of the fallen tree was cut into more manageable pieces.

“We instructed our staff to be more alert to these irregularities to prevent such problems from arising in future.

“Work to clear any creepers and prune any tree branches which have come in contact with our cables will be carried out according to a schedule.”

He apologised, on behalf of the company, for the inconvenience caused to the customer.

“Those living along the road should alert us directly of any irregularities involving the telephone lines so that action can be taken to deal with such problems as soon as possible.”

LEE of Luyang had initially been under the impression that the tree had hit a power line as the electricity in her home and surrounding area had been disrupted.

“Several hours later, I saw some workers dealing with the portion of the tree which had encroached on the housing road nearby,” she said.

“They chopped up the trunk into more manageable pieces and cleared the branches from the road.”

She said the supply to her neighbourhood was restored later that same day.

“The next day, when I went for a walk, I was shocked to find that the cable was still pinned down by the remainder of the fallen tree.

“I suspect that this wire might belong to TM and not Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd.” 

Lee said her telecommunications services had been functioning intermittently since the tree fell.

She provided Hotline with the location of the tree trunk and cable in question. This information was forwarded to the firm. (SS)


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