Owner agrees to relocate his dog
Published on: Friday, June 26, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall staff talking to the Kepayan dog owner about the nuisance created by his pet.
Kota Kinabalu: A Kepayan ratepayer will relocate his dog, following complaints about the nuisance created by his pet.

A City Hall spokesman said the pet owner offered to do this by the end of June while speaking to the agency’s officers.

At the time, the latter had been briefing him on City Hall’s guidelines when it came to rearing canines.

“He was advised to refrain from allowing his pet to wander about unsupervised in the public areas outside his house,” he said.

He said the City Hall’s dog control unit would not hesitate to catch any canines found in these common areas.

“The owner will have to settle a compound before his pets can be surrendered to him.”

The spokesman said the ratepayer could be penalised between RM100 and RM500 under the agency’s bylaw.

“The individual apologised for the problems posed by the canine and volunteered to have his pet taken back to his village.”

He said a follow-up inspection would be carried out to determine if the nuisance persisted.

The agency’s action was prompted by another homeowner’s displeasure about the inconvenience she faced because of the dog.

YAN, who lives in the Kepayan Low-Cost Housing area, said the canine ruffled through bins in search for food, scattering the rubbish on the stretch and in front of the homes of those living there.

“We constantly have to keep our doors and windows closed to prevent the stench from the scattered waste from entering our homes,” she said.

“We are so fed up of having to clean up after this dog.”

She said some of her neighbours had complained about missing sandals and shoes.

“They suspect that the dog may have entered their compound and made off with these items.”

Yan said she had reported these problems to the local authorities on several occasions since the beginning of the year.

“Despite assuring me that action will be taken, so far the nuisance still persists.”

She provided Hotline with the location of the home where the canine was being reared. This information was forwarded to City Hall. 


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