Putatan housing streetlights inoperative ‘for months’
Published on: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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The streetlight (white circle) near the main entrance to Taman Friendship Villa is out of order.
PUTATAN District Council staff will check on the condition of the streetlights along the housing roads in Taman Frienship Villa.

This follows a complaint that several of these facilities had been malfunctioning for some time.

A Council spokesman said the agency would have to verify this claim.

“Should the lights indeed be out of order, we will arrange to have our contractor attend to this as soon as possible,” he said.

“We will monitor the progress of this work to ensure that the roads in the neighbourhood are properly lit.”

KOK, who lives along Lorong Friendship Villa 3A, said all the lights along this housing road had been inoperative “for months”.

He was at a loss to understand how the Council could have failed to maintain this facility.

“There have been several break-ins in the neighbourhood,” he said. 

“I fear that the unscrupulous parties are taking advantage of the lack of illumination along the road to carry out these misdeeds.”

Kok said he contacted the agency when the stretch was first unlit earlier this year.

“I filled out a complaint-form at the Council’s office and was assured, at the time, that the staff would get back to me on this problem.

“So far, however, the stretch is still shrouded in darkness.”

The housing road where the Putatan ratepayer lives is completely shrouded in darkness as the streetlights (in white circle) are not functioning.

Since his initial report to the agency in February, he said more lights had broken down.

Kok said he had wearied of contacting on and off to find out when the section of the road in front of his house would be lit.

“I cannot understand how the Council could have turned a blind eye to this problem.”

He said the illumination provided by the lights would make it easier for motorists to make out any pedestrians or pets crossing the road. 

Meanwhile, MAS of Papar is advised to contact the District Council regarding the failure of the streetlights near Kg Benoni.

The rate-payer claims that a section of the stretch, near a roundabout in the area, has been unlit for “since last year”.

She related her grievance in a letter to Hotline which was forwarded to the agency.

A Council spokesman said its staff had failed to find anything amiss with these facilities during their inspection.

“We hope the resident will come forward to assist us in identifying the lights which are supposedly out of order,” he said.

“Action will be taken to restore those facilities which have indeed broken down.”

The resident should contact Hotline to find out whom to see about this matter.

Mas bemoaned the hazards of driving along the stretch at night.

“It is difficult to gauge the movement of pedestrians and livestock trying to cross the road,” she said.

She said she almost ran into a youngster while returning home from work during a downpour recently.

“I related what happened to a friend who told me that he had nearly collided with a motorcyclist at this section of the town.”

She hoped the authority would act to ensure that the lights were operational before anything unpleasant happened to motorists or pedestrians using this stretch.


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