Make datuk and Datin compulsory for Sabahans above  21 years
Published on: Sunday, October 13, 2019
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SABAH must be the top country in the world at giving away awards to its citizens and others relative to its population size. 

There are thousands of Datuks now in Sabah and another tens of thousands of “Bintang-bintang” holders including Darjah Kinabalu. During Usno and Berjaya – 1963-1985, the government only awarded between 10 and 15 Datukships yearly, but after Usno and the Berjaya Government – from 1985 to 2019, an average of more than fifty Datukships were given every year.

Datukships are now very cheap and of no significance whatsoever. Normally, awards in other countries or citations are based on outstanding service, devotion and contributions made to the country and society. 

Every award ceremony citations must be read out giving details of the contribution made by the recipient. Sabah has stopped reading citations, probably because the contributions by recipients are not worthy of mention. The general public because of thousands and thousands getting it show lack of interest. They prefer to call “Datuk and Datin” instead of Tuan or Puan or Encik or Cik to differentiate from other Malaysians.

Given that the number of Datuks in Sabah is beyond imagination, it is better for the State Government to pass or enact a law to automatically make Sabahans over the age of twenty-one (21) a Datuk or Datin instead of Tuan and Puan or Encik and Cik. 

After all Tuan and Puan or Encik and Cik are Malayan created titles in Sabah. 

Once the law is passed, the State Government can create a company to produce all the decorations and “Bintang-bintang” for sale to Sabahans who wish to have their picture taken wearing these decorations during celebrations, festivals or weddings. 

This will definitely make Sabah unique and an attraction for tourists.

Remember that Sabah is a Datu Country in view of Federal also agreeing to legalise 600,000 of such people and their offspring. Therefore, a law conferring Datukship to all Sabahans will mean every Sabahan to be addressed as Datuks and Datins, thus genuine locals.

This idea and proposal will  free the government from having to figure out who to award Datuks and Datinships every year. 

More importantly, this will save the State of Sabah a few million every year from having to buy decorations and Bintang-bintang.


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