Marshall unhappy over opposition by Chinese and Ibans
Published on: Monday, November 26, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Monday, November 26, 1962) - KUCHING, Sat. - Mr David Marshall, chairman of the Singapore Workers’ Party, said here yesterday that all members of the anti-Malaysia Sarawak United Peoples’ Party and all communities affected should realise that a negative approach towards Malaysia would isolate them.

He said he was unhappy to note that this major political party of Sarawak, consisting of large numbers of Chinese and Ibans, was adopting a negative attitude towards Malaysia - “an attitude which reflects the unhappily unconstructive and negative approach of Singapore Barisan Socialis.”

He firmly believed that the Malaysia concept was a very valuable contribution to Sarawak’s development if it was worked out on just and democratic conditions.

On Singapore, he said, it had been treated shabbily because of inadequate representation.

However, he had not the slightest doubt that the unfair provision for Singapore would be deleted and the people would be treated with fairness in the new Malaysian Federation.

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