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Pirates attack barter trade vessels NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (Saturday, November 24, 1962)

JESSELTON, Fri. – A report received from Tawau this morning tells of the capture of suspected pirates by a barter trade vessel. The local barter trade motor kumpit “Mardat 13” which sailed from Tawau on 19th November on normal business, was chased for an hour the following day, east of Si Amil, by two motor kumpits.

Assuming that the pursuers were pirates, “Mardat 13” opened fire and one kumpit surrendered. The second kumpit attempted to escape but was captured after an hour’s pursuit. The crew of both kumpits were taken aboard the “Mardat 13” which returned to Tawau with 17 suspects and both kumpits. 

They were met by a police/army patrol off Tinagat which escorted them to Tawau where investigations are proceeding. Meanwhile, another Piracy report, received by Tawau Police, states that a local barter trading boat carrying a crew of seven and 16 passengers was attacked and fired upon with rifles and hand bombs, forcing it to surrender. 

The alleged pirates captured the boat which is valued $15,000 and personal effects valued at $6,000. The passengers and crew were put off near a small island from which they had to swim ashore. 

Inanam blackouts due to flying foxes


JESSELTON: Tues. – Mr E.H. Walker, General manager of the North Borneo Electricity Board, today blamed flying foxes for a number of electrical shutdowns in the past few weeks on the Tuaran line. Mr Walker, in a letter to the Sabah Times, said: “ During the past weeks there has been a number of electrical shutdowns on the Tuaran line which has caused inconvenience to consumers from Inanam to Tuaran. These shutdowns have been due to interference by flying foxes with a frequency greater than has previously been experienced.

“The vulnerable area is where the HT line crosses the Likas Plain, and this past week over a dozen flying foxes have been removed from the HT conductors. The Board is taking immediate steps to reduce or eliminate this type of interference which will consists of installing a wire guard around the HT lines. It is anticipated that the work will be carried out during the consecutive Sundays commencing on the 25th November. During these periods the temporary generating set at Tuaran will be in operation providing a supply from Tuaran to Inanam,” Mr Walker letter concluded.

Delegates arrive for IGC meet

North Borneo News And Sabah Times (Wednesday, December 5, 1962)

JESSELTON, Tues. – Delegates from Malaya and Sarawak are arriving in Jesselton this week for more sub-committee meetings of the Malaysia Inter-governmental Committee. The sub-committee meetings will be held on 6th, 7th and 8th December and will deal with Finance, Departmental Organisation and Public Service.

Yesterday Dato .C.H. Fenner and Mr H.R. Middleton arrived from Malaya and tomorrow Dato Hamzah bin Abdullah and Mr Yeap Kee Aik are due. Mr G.W. Gould, Enche Abdullah bin Ayub and Mr Chong Hon Nyan will arrive on Friday. From Sarawak: Mr A.R. Snelus and Mr J.R. Williams are due tomorrow (5th); Mr Yeo Cheng Hoe, Enche Ainnie bin Dhoby, Enche Dagokak Raden, Mr Mak Yau Lim, Mr Wilson, Mr Turnbull, Mr Blease and Mr G.A.T. Shaw on Thursday; and Mr B.A. St. J. Hepburd, Datu Bandar Haji Mustapha, Mr Chen Ko Ming and Mr. J. Pike on Friday.

Kent lecturer gets Wood Badge


JESSELTON. – On Monday at Gray Park, JesseIton, Chegu Zaini bin Mohd. lsa , was presented with the Cub Wood Badge by the Rev. Canon Edward Rusted, Chief Commissioner for North Borneo Boy Scouts. Chegu Zaini who is a lecturer at Kent College, Tuaran, is the Scouter-in-charge of the Training Group at Kent College. He succeeded Chegu Murshidi, MBE., at the beginning of this year. 

Before taking up his duties at Kent College, Zaini attended Redlands College, Bristol, England. While in England he did quite a lot of Scouting, and did the practical courses for both the Scout and the Cub Wood Badge at Gilwell Park, the International Training Centre. Chegu Zaini now assisting as an instructor at the Wood Badge Course now taking place at Gray Park.

LD Sabata to step up welfare work

NORTH BORNEO AND SABAH TIMES (Friday, 14th December 1962)

LAHAD DATU, Thurs. – The Lahad Datu Branch of Sabata has decided to intensify the welfare work in the district. At its last Committee meeting Mrs. E.G. White said she noted that the activities on welfare had not been carried but as extensively as they should and proposed that work should be pursued actively and the expenditure on welfare be increased.

She said Mrs Charles Jayasuriya who had a good experience in TB welfare work in Jesselton was willing to serve as a Welfare Officer to serve food vouchers for the families of TB patients. 

It was decided that Mrs Jayasuriya should be assisted by the three Chiefs, OKK Datu Jinurain, Datu Alam and Datu Sibi in locating the families of TB patients in Lahad Datu, Mostyn and Tungku areas.

Kadazan returns with NZ scroll

North Borneo News And Sabah Times

SANDAKAN, Thurs. – A Kadazan who left Jesselton in February 1960 to study in New Zealand under the Colombo Plan has returned to North Borneo with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is Mr Herman Luping who studied at the Victoria University, Wellington.

Mr Luping was educated at St Michael’s School, Penampang, and at the Sacred Heart School, Jesselton. He passed the General certificate of education Examination at the Government Tutorial Training Centre, Jesselton in 1959. 

At present Mr Luping is engaged on research work at Sandakan Town Board Office. He will be returning to New Zealand in February 1963 to take his Master of Arts degree and will write a thesis on Local Government in North Borneo, comparing it with Local Government in New Zealand.

Duo to attend Co-operative meet

North Borneo News And Sabah Times (Friday, 7th December 1962)

JESSELTON, Thurs. – Two Co-operative leaders in North Borneo will attend the All-Malaya Co-operative Conference which is being held in Kuala Lumpur on 8th December.

The two, who left Jesselton yesterday, are Mr. Cyril Fong, Co-operative Assistant in the Co-operative Branch of the Department of Agriculture, and Mr. Darius Binion, Chairman of the Terawi Co-operative Society, near Putatan, Jesselton, and Secretary of the Sabah Co-operative Central Agency which is now being formed.

North Borneo was invited to send two representatives to attend the All-Malay Co-operative Conference as observers this year in view of the Malaysia proposal, said the Registrar of Co-operatives, Mr Clarkson. The organisers of the Conference thought it would be good idea for North Borneo co-operative officers to meet Malayan Co-operative leaders.

City and Guilds external exam

North Borneo News And Sabah Times

JESSELTON, Tues. – The next City and Guilds of London Institute Technological Examinations will be held in May/June 1963. Applications for entry together with the necessary fees must reach the Examinations secretary, education Department, Jesselton, not later than 12th January 1963. Late entries may not be accepted.

In addition to the Institute’s fee for each subject as stated in the City and Guilds Regulations further fees will be required from each candidate as follows:- Institute’s Overseas Fee $4.30 (10s); Local Fee $25.00 The Examinations Secretary states that Examination Centres will be established in Jesselton and Sandakan, and, if the number of candidates justifies it, in Labuan as well. Candidates will be informed of the dates, times, and places of examinations at a later date.


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