January 01, 2020 Sabah
KOTA KINABALU: An unusual spectacle happened on Aug 19, 2019  – the arrival of an energy self-sufficient super boat - 100-tonne 114-ft long catamaran on a five-year odyssey around the world powered entirely by solar, wind and hydrogen energy! The loud message to Sabah and the rest of the world intended by the owners of Race for Water Foundation is clear:.
December 31, 2019 Sabah
Kota Kinabalu: The tourism industry flourished well this year with a significant increase of tourist arrivals compared to last year.
December 30, 2019 Sabah
The year 2019 was no less dramatic where high-profile cases were heard before the courts.
December 30, 2019 Sports
Kuala Lumpur: As the curtain comes down on 2019, sports fans can look back on the year with a sense of pride for the contributions of two Malaysian sporting legends and disappointment over the national athletes’ generally lacklustre performance.
December 29, 2019 Sabah
2019 has been a challenging year for Sabah in terms of preservation and conservation of its wildlife and environment, which has witnessed several tragic events, including the threat of extinction of some of the State’s most endangered species.
December 29, 2019 Sabah
The fall of a toddler from a five-storey building and the death of an army commando during a live ammunition exercise before horrified members of the public were among tragedies that made the headlines this year.
December 28, 2019 Sabah
WHILE Sabahans are used to reading about Filipinos and Indonesians being sentenced for various offences, a different breed of foreigners also dominated the Sabah courts in 2019 - Vietnamese and Chinese nationals.
December 28, 2019 Sabah
Kota Kinabalu: More people were brought to court to face charges under the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017 which was passed by the Parliament on July 10, 2017 to protect children from sexual abuse.
December 28, 2019 Sabah
DILAPIDATED schools in Sabah received the Education Ministry’s attention in 2019 with the Finance Ministry allocating RM78 million to restore them a substantial increase from the RM 10 million previously.
December 27, 2019 Sabah
It was a sad year for Sabah’s wildlife which saw the death of its last known male and female Sumatran rhinos as well as continued killings of pygmy elephants.


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