Telipok blackouts hurting business
Published on: Saturday, November 23, 2019
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Chin (left) said he lost RM 1,000 each time there was a blackout.
Kota Kinabalu: Frequent power outages in Telipok are crippling the local business community there, says Chin Vui Kai.

Chin, who is Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Information Chief, added that while the Government is vigorously promoting the tourism industry, yet they failed to attend to this most basic facility such as a stable electricity supply crucial to everyone’s needs.

An owner of a farmstay located in Telipok, Chin,  said the he incurred losses as a result of the daily electricity interruptions and failure in his area.

Chin, who is expanding his farmstay, had to stop renovation works each time there was a power failure. 

He complained that he had to cope with time and financial losses because of that. 

He said the power failures occurred daily for several hours causing continuous delays to his project.

He said the continuous SESB power outages simply made it impossible for them to manage the time and workers had to be stationed at the construction site every day and immediately be put into operation once power supply is restored. 

Unfortunately, work can only be resumed for several hours and then power goes out again. 

He added that the B&B office were also affected and inoperable at these times.

“We lose RM1,000 in workers’ salaries every day. Although we can’t work, we still have to pay them. 

“The construction sites and offices are not working properly. 

“The electricity supply will not only be interrupted during the day but also even at night,” he fumed.

He said that although he contacted SESB many times about the problem, they never gave any good explanation and few times responded rudely.

His B&B business has fallen by 80pc for the past 10 days because of these frequent power outages, Chin said.

Chin hopes the government could truly establish good governance, take note of the people’s livelihood issues and resolve the power failures that adversely affect us and even tourism.


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