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Sabah revenue hits RM6.97 billion: Hajiji says GRS State Government may see full term
Published on: Tuesday, March 05, 2024
By: Ricardo Unto
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Sabah revenue hits RM6.97 billion: Hajiji says GRS State Government may see full term
Hajiji having a light moment with a group of attendees.
Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Government continued its momentum in managing the economy in line with the commitment and spirit of the Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) when it posted record high state revenue of RM6.973 billion last year.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor said the State Government has managed to maintain its excellent streak of collecting record high revenue for three consecutive years.

Sabah chalked up state revenue collection of RM6.96 billion in 2022 and RM5.449 billion in 2021.

“The success was due to the hardworking public servants. Well done to those who always work hard and thank you for all the commitment that has resulted in continued success,” he said during the 2024 Assembly of State and Federal Civil Servants, here, Monday.

Hajiji said apart from achieving high state revenue, Sabah also managed to record a cumulative investment increase of more than RM33 billion, in addition to among the highest trade in history of RM118.1 billion in 2022.

He was also optimistic that Sabah would be able to achieve a projected economic growth of four per cent this year with the positive and improving performance of the State’s economy, 

Hajiji explained that after almost three years of the SMJ roadmap, the aspiration has taken Sabah on track to move forward and develop through economic indicators that show success and reflect the authority in the administration and management of the State’s economy

On the state election (PRN), Hajiji said it could be held at the end of the GRS-PH Plus-led State Government’s term in September 2025 or any time.

“It also depends on the Chief Minister, if he receives guidance or inspiration to hold the PRN earlier than scheduled,” he said.

Hajiji stressed that regardless of the timing of the state election, the importance lies in the full support of civil servants, whether at the state or federal level, for the current government.

He said he is thankful to the civil servants for providing solid cooperation and support to the State Government policies throughout the three years under his leadership.

“Public service is part of the government machinery, where the heart or machinery that moves the government delivery system is located.

“Fast or slow, effective or less effective, efficient or not the Government’s delivery system, everything rests on the shoulders of civil servants.

“The roles and responsibilities of civil servants are not small, from the lowest position to the management level - they all have responsibilities and roles that have been set,” he said.

Hajiji said the Government is trying to make various changes and improvements in the State’s public service, emphasising the values of integrity by creating an integrity and anti-corruption policy.

He said the matter should be taken seriously because from several past cases, issues of integrity, leakage and abuse of power often occur, which sometimes also involve civil servants.

“This, of course, affects the image of the public service, which should practise a clean, efficient and trustworthy work culture.

“Therefore, a work culture that lacks integrity and practices abuse of power will destroy the Government’s delivery system, harm the State and the country, and destroy the future of civil servants themselves.”

He said in line with efforts to produce competent, professional and skilled civil servants, the State’s civil service always designs high-impact training and courses locally and abroad, especially for officers in the management and professional groups.

“I understood that the State Public Service Department (JPAN) plans to create a fully equipped training centre with modern and up-to-date equipment and upgrade the Insan Training Centre in Keningau.

“In addition, digitisation programmes are also given priority with special emphasis on the culture and development of digitisation at the State public service level,” he said.

Hajiji said to encourage civil servants to increase their motivation and competence, the State Government has implemented several policies, such as giving holiday incentives to eligible State civil service officers who have served more than 20 years.

He said the State Government has announced a special aid of RM2,000 to all state civil servants, of which RM1,000 was paid in January, and the remaining RM1,000 will be given before Hari Raya.

“This year, State civil servants were given a bonus of half a month’s salary.

“God willing, next year, we will consider a more appropriate contribution to civil servants on the condition that they work harder, more strategically, and diligently as if we are working to grow our own company.

“With the State’s revenue increasing – the incentives for the State’s public service members will be large and increased as well,” he said.

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