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Direct selling in online era ideal for millennials
Published on: Friday, May 27, 2022
By: Bernama
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Direct selling in online era ideal for millennials
No start-up costs, no fixed location, and more freedom over marketing has made the direct selling online business model very appealing for many millennials. (CREW machine)
Kuala Lumpur: Direct selling now offers millennial entrepreneurs an ideal platform to leverage their technological prowess to gain employment, generate a sustainable source of income and do what they feel is worthwhile, which can complement their values and lifestyle choices, said Asian e-commerce direct selling company QNET.

“Many millennials find this business model appealing because there is no start-up cost, and they are not tied to a location and have control over how they want to market the products, especially through social media,” its chief executive officer Malou Caluza said.

Besides being the new force in direct selling, “millennials can work flexible hours while realising their passion” as opposed to having less flexible, traditional career paths, she said in a statement Thursday.

She said that direct selling is the answer to employment for millennials or Generation Y who were born between 1981 and 1996 and referred to as the first digital natives, which has led to the sprouting of many independent start-ups within the gig economy.

This was clearly aided by millennials topping the chart of the highest social media, text messaging and instant messaging use.

Direct selling could also act as a supplementary source of income for those who are pursuing their passion, or even a full-time career for the entrepreneurial-minded, depending on what the person is looking for.

QNET noted that the direct selling industry, which is perhaps the oldest type of gig business that relies on a distributed workforce, has reinvented itself for the modern world with rapid digitalisation, social media marketing, and interesting products that appeal to the conscious consumer.

“It is not surprising that the direct selling industry has seen a major influx of millennials over the last few years who look to this business as the perfect side hustle that complements their lifestyle,” QNET said.

Companies like QNET, the flagship business of the QI Group, which has its operational headquarters in Malaysia, have tapped into this trend by offering a 100 per cent digital user experience through its e-commerce portal and mobile app while offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products and services. The social networks of previous generations were limited by geography, typically the people they could meet in person, such as family, friends, neighbours, and workplace colleagues, while in contrast, the first generation of digital natives has built vast online networks that transcend geographic boundaries.

Compared to previous generations, the direct selling company said, millennials do not expect to hold a stable job over their lifetime as they look for what feels worthwhile and can complement their values and lifestyle choices.

This diminishing interest in career stability in favour of personal development and work flexibility has led to the boom of many independent start-ups within the gig economy.

Turning to costs, QNET said that though many millennials aspire to become entrepreneurs, the investments and risks associated with starting a business can be daunting for a generation that has struggled financially.

However, according to the US-based Direct Selling Association, start-up costs are a few hundred dollars or less for most direct selling companies and involve little or no overhead expenses such as retail space, warehousing, or shipping.

“This provides millennial entrepreneurs with an easy, low-cost way to launch their businesses,” QNET said.

Studies show that 62 per cent of millennials are more likely to become loyal customers if a business engages them on social media.

QNET said this clearly shows that millennials are skilled at adapting technology to facilitate their lifestyles.

To this end, mobile apps, such as QNET’s award-winning app, are a powerful tool for millennial entrepreneurs who want the freedom to run their business from anywhere at any time, making direct selling an even more flexible option. As with any entrepreneurial endeavour, achieving success in direct selling requires commitment and hard work, but many millennials find the reward for their efforts in being their own boss and having the freedom to pursue passions and interests, said QNET.

Companies like QNET are applying the tried-and-true business model of direct selling to empower millennial entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and live well-balanced lives while making a positive difference in their communities.

With their devotion to social responsibility, connection to the world around them, innovation, and motivation, millennials in direct selling are shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

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