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Speed limit cut along Jalan Lintas to curb accidents
Published on: Saturday, May 04, 2024
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Speed limit cut along Jalan Lintas to curb accidents
The speed limit sign commonly overlooked by road users.
Kota Kinabalu: The speed limit reduction from 80km/h to 60km/h near Luyang Clinic and Lintas Plaza along Jalan Lintas is due to the elevated U-turns and ramps.

State Works Minister Datuk Ir. Shahelmey Yahya said it is one of the measures taken by the Government to reduce the risk of road accidents.

“For the road from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) to Inanam, a speed limit of 60km/h also applies for approximately 870 metres, starting from the Lido traffic intersection to Jalan Kolam in Damai.

“For the road from Inanam to KKIA, the speed limit of 60km/h is also used for approximately 950 metres, starting from Jalan Kolam in Damai to the Lido traffic intersection.

“The 80km/h speed limit still applies on Jalan Lintas which was designed with a speed limit of 80km/h based on the Public Works Department standards,” he said in a statement.

Shahelmey said speed limit signs were established since the elevated U-intersection at Jalan Lintas was opened to the public in January 2023.

“The public is advised to always obey and be aware of instructions of the road signs that have been placed on the roadsides to avoid traffic accidents,” he said.

Earlier, former Kota Kinabalu MP Datuk Hiew King Cheu called for summonses issued to “unaware” members of the public to be withdrawn “until all signage and notices are installed to proper standard”.

Hiew, who received many complaints from road users, said most were ignorant of the situation and questioned if government leaders knew it themselves.

“Those who were fined are 100 per cent innocent as it is not their fault but that of the departments concerned.

“Ample public notification must be served to the public via social media and print media.

“There are a few not so obvious speed limit signboards here and there, but that isn’t enough to alert or warn the drivers,” he said in a statement.

Recent traffic summonses issued by the police via speed traps had raised much public frustration where many claimed they were unaware of the speed limit, questioning its sudden enforcement.

The penalty for speeding can be a fine of up to RM300 and the offenders may also receive demerit points as subject to Kejara System by the Malaysian Road Transport Department. 

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