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Sabah in History

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January 28, 2023 Sabah In History
1962: One of the heroes of the Brunei rebellion, North Borneo policeman Bittie, was buried with full honours at Kampung Totu in Tuaran.
January 07, 2023 Sabah In History
OCTOBER 30 1980: Education Minister Datuk Musa Hitam said efforts were being made to check the decline in the standard of English in schools.
December 10, 2022 Sabah In History
AUGUST 4 1965: Education Minister Mohammed Khir Johari announced free primary education in both Sabah and Sarawak with the abolition of fees in government and government-aided primary schools effective Jan. 1, 1966.
December 03, 2022 Sabah In History
October 12 1970: Tunku Abdul Rahman said five monuments being built in Sabah in honour of Malaysian leaders are a symbol of ties between West and East Malaysia.
November 26, 2022 Sabah In History
AUGUST 5 Yeh urges Chinese unity in Sabah 1963: Bunap member Yeh Pao Tzu  (pic) reminded Chinese in North Borneo that only through unity could they hope to save their future in the soon-to-be-formed Malaysia.
November 05, 2022 Sabah In History
Mustapa steps down Oct 31, 1975 Tun Datu Mustapha bin Datu Harun (pic) stepped down at 57 as Chief Minister of Sabah, a post he had held since May 11. 1967.He remained head of Usno and the Sabah Alliance. Usno was ousted from power the following year by a newly-formed party, Berjaya. .
October 22, 2022 Sabah In History
OCTOBER 15 1980: Chief, Minister Datuk Harris launched the Sabah Foundation Milk Distribution scheme for students in primary schools in the State – the first such programme in the country.
October 15, 2022 Sabah In History
Daily Express (Sunday, June 26, 1994).
October 08, 2022 Sabah In History
DECEMBER 20 1963: An Indonesian underground Organisation called the Sabah Peoples Rebellion Front was uncovered in Sabah. Asst Police Commissioner to charge of Sabah Special Branch, JE Fairbairn, said seseral people connected with the organisation were detained in towns in the East Coast and would be tried in court.
October 01, 2022 Sabah In History
SEPTEMBER 14 1957: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) was opened by the Countess of Perth and Minister of State for Colonial Affairs, the Earl of Perth at 5.30pm.
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