IMU Chiropractic programme led by its alumnus
Published on: Monday, June 28, 2021
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FOR the first time in its history, the IMU Chiropractic Programme is being led by its alumnus. 

ON Jan 1, 2020, its alumnus, Dr Wong Yi Kai (pic), was appointed as the IMU Chiropractic Programme Director. Dr Wong graduated from International Medical University (IMU) as part of the pioneer cohort of chiropractic students in 2014 and completed his MSc in Public Health in 2019 at the same University.

He has been actively participating in the development of Chiropractic in Malaysia by being involved in the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia, Federation of Complementary Natural Medical Association Malaysia, World Federation of Chiropractic, and Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Malaysian Ministry of Health. 

He hopes that more Chiropractic practitioners in Malaysia will have the passion in this field and stand up to serve the profession.

Dr Wong has been practicing Chiropractic for 7 years and worked at two chiropractic centres within Klang Valley prior to joining IMU in April 2015. 

He started working at IMU Healthcare as a clinician and later transferred to be an academician in 2017. Although he is an academician, he still maintains his practice at IMU Healthcare.

He believes that everyone could benefit from chiropractic care. Most people perceive chiropractic care as a treatment option for pain management, but in fact, it is not just that. 

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach for health maintenance and wellness care. 

To improve public awareness on the restoration of natural spinal alignment, he often uses an analogy that describes the importance of regular car maintenance service, to help the public relate better. 

Apart from that, Dr Wong hopes to provide affordable and evidence-based chiropractic care to the community.

IMU is the first and only University to offer the complete Chiropractic educational programme in Malaysia as well as in all of Southeast Asia. 

The IMU Chiropractic Programme is accredited by the prestigious Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia (CCEA) and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). 

The only accredited Chiropractic programme accredited in Southeast Asia, IMU Chiropractic Programme is a 4-year programme including academic and clinical training. Students have the option to complete the entire degree at IMU or study part of the programme her and then wish to transfer to our partner universities, namely RMIT University in the Australia, AECC University College or University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. 

Currently, our alumni are practicing in few countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, etc.

Chiropractic students are guided through the curriculum via a combination of lectures, discussions, practical laboratory sessions, as well as self-directed and simulated clinical settings. 

From the first semester onwards, chiropractic students learn to enhance their sense of touch and develop manual skills to detect and correct problems with the joints of the body, especially those of the spine (neck, back and pelvis). 

As students progress through the curriculum, these hands-on activities increase, ultimately, students are involved in the supervised diagnosis and management of actual patients. 

In the final stages of training, students manage real patients throughout their care programme in a supervised chiropractic clinic.

The next intake for this programme is in September this year. If you have a desire to be a healthcare professional that is rapidly expanding throughout the world, apply now for an excellent start to an exciting and highly rewarding career. 

If you have just completed your SPM and do not have pre-university qualification, consider enrolling in the one-year IMU Foundation in Science, the preferred foundation and direct route for entry into any of the University’s local degree programmes. 

For more information, please refer to www.imu.edu.my or email: [email protected] or call IMU at 03 - 2731 7272.

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