Double-parking woes around Damai Plaza
Published on: Saturday, February 27, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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Vehicles illegally parked behind the motorcycle bays at this section of Lorong Kayu Manis in the Damai area.
CITY Hall has placed traffic cones at strategic locations around Damai Plaza, in a bid to deter motorists from double-parking in front of shops at the Luyang commercial centre.

A spokesman for the agency said its personnel would also be monitoring the goings-on at Lorong Kayu Manis, which encircles the different blocks there, to crack down on such incidents.

“The static and mobile teams assigned to this area will be on the lookout for errant drivers,” he said. 

“Those found obstructing other road users who have parked properly, including motorcyclists, risk having to pay a compound of up RM300.”

He said this action could be taken under the agency’s Provision of Couponed Parking Bylaw 2014.

“Repeat offenders face the possibility of being taken to court where they can be fined up to RM 5,000.

“Drivers can be deemed to have parked illegally, if there is no demarcation painted on either side of the space occupied by their vehicles.”

He said this was regardless of whether or not their automobiles impeded the flow of traffic around the commercial centre.

The agency’s action was prompted by a complaint about the escalating incidence of double-parking around Damai Plaza and the inconvenience this caused to drivers who occupied parking bays around the property.

HULIO, an employee at an office based at the commercial centre, said those who double-parked also created a danger to the other road users, including pedestrians.

He said the duel carriageway became a single lane at certain sections of Lorong Kayu Manis as a result of their actions.

“Drivers who swerve around the double-parked vehicles, risk running into those going on foot,” he said.

“On top of this, they risk having their cars hit from behind as they slow down to go round these obstructions.”

Hulio hoped the relevant authority would intervene to minimise the likelihood of pedestrians being injured or accidents taking place at the property. 

“I have been contacting City Hall on and off about this problem for some time.

“An officer came down once and, for a brief period afterwards, no one dared to park illegally along the stretch.

“Now, however, the incidence of double parking has become worse.”

City Hall staff putting traffic cones in place in this part of Damai Plaza.

Hulio shared his frustrations about the parking woes there with a peer who brings his motorcycle to work.

“My friend said the motorcycle parking bays were often blocked by those who double parked.

“As a result, he sometimes had to leave his bike on the five-foot way or divider.

He said his colleague was almost compounded for doing this on several occasions.

“Thankfully, my workmate happened to reach his bike before the compound could be issued. 

“My friend had to reason with the officer that he had no choice but to occupy the pavement because the access to the motorcycle bays were blocked.”

He said, at other times, his colleague had to ride his bike over the pavement in order to leave the parking space because someone had parked behind the motorcycles.

“He knows it is reckless to do this, given as how the pavement is meant for those going on foot, but he is careful to only ride his bike into this area when there are no pedestrians around.”

City Hall officers checked on the motorcyclist’s frustrations shortly after being informed about this inconvenience.

The spokesman said its staff found a car parked in front of the motorcycle bays located between a coffeehouse outlet and a bakery in Damai Plaza during the inspection on a recent Monday morning.

“Our personnel had a word with the driver in the vehicle, who moved away after he was warned against double-parking here,” he said.

“We will keep an eye on this location to discourage others from double-parking between these two shops.”


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