Jason determined to take esports in Sabah to the next level
Published on: Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Kota Kinabalu: Jason Jonathan Omar (pic), commonly known in the event and marketing industry in Sabah and Klang Valley as Emcee Jason, Managing Director of Talent Shop Sabah, a talent and marketing agency under the management of Borneo Impact Sdn Bhd, is determined to band together everyone in Sabah who is passionate or serious about esports or gaming to create a central hub for career development and growth in gaming.

On 23rd October 2021, 2:00 PM, a virtual activation event was held by Talent Shop Sabah to officially launch their new logo, in conjunction with the launching of their new product, a sub-brand under Talent Shop Sabah, known as Geng Burung Hantu - Sabah’s Premier Gaming Community Platform.

Geng Burung Hantu is the first ever gaming community platform in Sabah that serves as a hub for gamers, streamers, esports athletes, gaming video creators, casters and other talents in the esports and gaming industry to connect and grow together. 

The roles of the Geng Burung Hantu and Talent Shop Sabah in this platform include providing job opportunities and collaborations with brands, as well as competitive activities such as esports tournaments and series.

Jason believes that this platform will serve as a stepping stone for Talent Shop Sabah to achieve the agency’s vision - to make Sabah known for great talents. 

Jason disclosed in the virtual event that products similar to Geng Burung Hantu will be initiated and launched in the future, platforms that cater to different groups of talents, to bring Talent Shop Sabah closer to its goals.

Geng Burung Hantu logo

The founders of Geng Burung Hantu consist of Talent Shop Sabah’s creative team and Mohd Danial Syahmi, also known as Ryukaziya in the esports industry in Sabah, Platform Manager of Geng Burung Hantu. 

Jason will oversee the whole growth of the platform as the Director and connect it with brands, offering marketing and advertising, that target specifically towards Sabahans who are tech savvy and often spend a significant amount of time on games.

Jason and his team are hopeful and positive that this platform will grow to be a success as Talent Shop Sabah is investing heavily into this product, combined with the pool of talents and experts they have behind it. 

Jason believes that the platform is solid enough to accept members, all that’s left is to market and promote this platform for the world to be aware of its existence.

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