Labuan headed for failed FT status. '3,000 jobless'
Published on: Thursday, October 06, 2022
By: Sohan Das
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Labuan headed for failed FT status. '3,000 jobless'
People lining up for free food.
LABUAN: That there are 3,000 without jobs in Labuan is alarming and an effective plan is necessary to avoid the island becoming a failed Federal Territory.

Labuan Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Datuk Dahlif Singh said the unemployment figure is expected to swell by the end of the year with over 1,000 more school leavers entering the labour market.

He said what is needed is to leverage on the “strengths” of Labuan such as restore the the free-port status, oil and gas industry, barter trade and lure more labour intensive factories by offering incentives and perks such as tax discounts.



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