'Friend-zoned' Singaporean CEO sues woman RM9.7 million for 'emotional damage'
Published on: Saturday, February 04, 2023
By: Malay Mail
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'Friend-zoned' Singaporean CEO sues woman RM9.7 million for 'emotional damage'
A Singaporean CEO sued a woman after realising she just wasn’t into him. —Picture by Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash via Reuters
Kuala Lumpur: A Singaporean man claiming to be so ‘emotionally damaged’ by rejection, is taking it to the courts and suing his former female friend for RM9.7 million.

K. Kawshigan, CEO of drone racing company D1 Racing, and Nora Tan met at a social event in 2016 according to Mothership.

They were friends until September 2020 when they began to have different expectations of their relationship.

According to court documents, Kawshigan believed Tan was his ‘closest friend’ when she only regarded him as a ‘friend’.

Tan reduced her interactions with Kawshigan which upset him, claiming she was ‘taking a step back in the relationship’.

The issue escalated when Tan urged Kawshigan to be ‘self-reliant’ which made him issue a ‘letter of demand’, threatening her to pay ‘monetary damages’.

Tan attempted to reason with Kawshigan saying that her ‘discomfort was genuine’ but he continued to demand her to comply or ‘suffer irrevocable damages’

“And emotionally, till the day I die, you are the cause of my trauma,” he responded in a text message.

Around two weeks later, Tan agreed to meet sessions upon the request of a counsellor hired by Kawshigan in the hopes that he would accept her decision.

But after a year and a half, she quit attending the sessions as she found no change in him after refusing to stop inviting her for in-person meetups.

Tan ceased all communications with him on May 14, 2022, unable to ‘deal with his unreasonable requests’ and ‘inability to respect personal boundaries’.

On July 7, 2022, Kawshigan sued Tan for RM9.7 million for claiming that she ‘damaged his stellar reputation’ with ‘defamatory remarks’.

He also filed another lawsuit worth RM17,000 on August 27, 2022 for allegedly ‘breaching their agreement to improve the relationship’.

Kawshigan claimed that Tan’s remarks had caused him to lose business opportunities and potential investments.

He said the sum would cover the therapy for the depression and trauma it caused, requiring ‘further psychological assistance’.

Tan also claimed that Kawshigan and an unknown woman were outside her house and workplace during the same month, refusing to leave despite Tan’s request.

State Court Deputy Registrar Lewis Tan spoke against the lawsuit, saying that Kawshigan was ‘oppressing’ Tan with legal action for his own ulterior motives.

Lewis said that the courts will not be misused by Kawshigan to harass Tan, who after meeting his demands for a year, finally decided to make a stand for herself.

Currently, Tan is filing an RM4,183 countersuit against Kawshigan for security expenses in her home.

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