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Sabah lass is country’s first and youngest female jockey
Published on: Tuesday, March 21, 2023
By: R Gonzales
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Sabah lass is country’s first and youngest female jockey
Isabelle, 16, is also the captain of El Viento Polo Team.
Tuaran: Isabelle Lonjuing Sayeed once again made the country proud when she set a record as the first and youngest female jockey in Malaysia.

Previously, the Penampang-born teenager, created history when she was recognised as the youngest polo captain in Southeast Asia in 2021 through her effort and training at Kuala Lumpur Academy of Polo.

In fact, Isabelle, who is now 16 years old, received a professional trainer and Stable Agent licence in 2020 from the Royal Sabah Turf Club (RSTC), thus becoming the youngest trainer and rider in the world at that time.

Because of her deep interest and wanting to highlight horse racing in her hometown, Isabelle continues to intensify her efforts to master 100 percent of the field involved in order to become a female jockey.

“In addition to being the current captain of the women’s polo team in Sabah, which is El Viento Polo Team, I recently received a jockey licence from RSTC after participating in several training sessions as well as being the first and youngest female jockey in Malaysia,” she said.

According to Isabelle, who underwent training under the supervision of RSTC jockey trainer Mohammad Sairee, she also received full support from RSTC President Datuk Peter Chin Tet Fong.

Thanks to her first and childhood trainer, Susan Peggy Doughlas of Glenora Stable Beringgis, Papar since Isabelle was five years old, Isabelle uses her knowledge and experience in all aspects of management including horse racing at ILS Polo Racing Equestrian which she runs at RSTC, Kampung Tambalang, Tuaran.

“There are horse riding classes every day here depending on the schedule set between the trainers at RSTC to train and introduce the sport of horse racing to horse enthusiasts.”

“I have 20 horses which some are used for riding classes while the others are used for racing and polo events during weekends”.

“Through these classes, I will share knowledge with new trainees or students about horse riding techniques, horse care and treatment, feeding schedule, fitness training, rules, riding safety and so on.”

“It is not easy to be a trainer, the rider needs to be skilled in all these aspects - only after that it is easy to tame the horse and be ready to face all the challenges since it is a tough sport and there is a risk of injury,” she said.

Recalling about her experiences during training, Isabelle once suffered an injury to her body as a result of being trampled by a horse after falling during a horse riding training session.

“Getting tired of taking care of the horse is normal but as I said, the trainer needs to be more careful and be prepared to risk injury in the event of an accident”.

“Since the age of 15 until today, I have fallen many times while practising riding more actively under the guidance of coach Susan Peggy Doughlas in Beringgis, Papar, she said.

Isabelle is also having her own horse rescue, breeding and auction operation under ILS. Among the sad experiences she shared, when there was a horse that was low chance to cure and died, Isabelle would bury the animal with a prayer before build a tomb on the grave with its details.

In addition, Isabelle who educates at Sayfol International School also keeps dog, cat and fish at her residence in Penampang. She is also likes to take picture of nature and cook.

Isabelle’s social media can be referred to on Instagram (@is4.3e11e), Facebook and YouTube with the account name ILS Polo.

For those interested in participating in horse riding classes at ILS Polo Racing Equestrian, RSTC Tambalang, Tuaran,  contact the management administration (Noor Aziah at 014-8597667).

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