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Welcome the New Year with spell-casting techniques
Published on: Sunday, December 27, 2020
By: Dr T Selva
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THE science of occult is found in almost all cultures, and it has become a way of life in many traditions to attain wellbeing, peace, good health and happiness.

However, the supernatural phenomena have often been misinterpreted because some individuals have manipulated them for the wrong purposes.

The mystic is not necessarily evil, but a sacred or hidden positive energy that can be tapped for the betterment of life.

According to metaphysical experts, there is an inherent energy radiating from earth and all living things, and they influence our mood, emotions and actions, whether we are aware of this or not. 

Since the life-power is formless, it can only be experienced and cannot be seen, heard or touched.

In my quest to learn mystical knowledge, I have met several positive healers in India, Nepal, UK, US, Brazil and Australia of various cultures who have shared with me many secrets, from spells to the making of amulets, which I would like to share with readers.

Spells come in virtually unlimited forms and it incorporates energy and power to obtain the desired result. 

Some of the practices are object-driven, like using eggs, candles and oil, while others are dependent upon the power of words.

Before any spell is cast, the first requirement is that you need to have a goal – what do you want to achieve or what do you wish to prevent?

Spells are always cast for a purpose, with the most generic being for personal peace, happiness and protection. 

The more specific your desire or the clearer your vision, the more likely it is that your spell will work.

There is no one type of spell that is inherently more powerful than another, but there are only spells and styles of spell-casting that are more effective for a specific individual. 

The fun part of spell casting is finding the spell that best suits the person, and applying the therapy with faith and respect. 

Try one spell at a time and don’t rush into doing all. Happy spell-casting for the new year!

1. Space cleansing using vinegar

Place a bowl of vinegar and add a square of camphor into it. 

Leave the bowl in every room that needs cleansing and replace them weekly. 

All negative energies in the space will be cleared when the ritual is performed regularly.

2. Onion ritual to clear space

Chop one onion into quarters and place one piece in each corner of a room. 

Don’t peel the onion and allow the onion to remain in the place overnight.

Bury them outside your house the following day and repeat the process for a total of five consecutive nights to attract fresh energies into your space.

3. Creating harmony at work

Tie red ribbons under your office table to protect you from negative energies. Red has the power to ward off all unwanted energies in any space.

4. Body cleansing

Grind or pound sage into a fine powder and sprinkle the powder on hot charcoal. 

Allow the smoke to cleanse the body. 

This therapy will remove all impurities and you will enjoy improved aura.

5. Seven flowers remedy bath

When you feel fatigued, tired, dull, drained, hit with dark forces and sad, take seven different types of fresh flowers that appeal to you. Seven is the magic number associated with hope and miracles. Float the flowers in the bathtub or pail of water for about an hour before using the water to bathe. 

Rub the flower petals on your body for better results. Following the shower, you will feel rejuvenated.

6. Egg therapy

Pray over a raw egg to remove negative energy, and roll the egg, from the back of your neck, moving it up and down from the base of the head to the lump at the shoulder blades.

The egg should then be broken by throwing it into the toilet and flushed away or smashed on a cross junction outside your house.

Similar therapy can also be applied on other areas of the body to remove aches and pains because egg is one of the most effective agents for absorbing negative energy.

7. Prevent nightmares

Grind and powder dried agrimony and cast a circle with the powder around your bed to prevent bad dreams and to provide protection.

8. Moonlight water therapy

Collect rainwater during the full moon and use the water to bathe your head and wash your hair to relieve stress and dullness.

9. Coin spells

String three coins together and place them on or under your telephone or mobile phone to stimulate prosperous business.

Place a string of seven coins or currency inside your cash box register, wallet or account ledger to stimulate cash flow.

Find a coin from the year of your birth, in any national currency. The year is crucial and keep it in your wallet and it will attract your wealth dreams.

Upon sighting of the new moon, immediately jingle any coins in your pocket to increase wealth.

10. Money-drawing powder

Grind and powder dried parsley, dill and basil. Sprinkle over your wallet, cheque book or cash register.

Another method is to grind and powder cinnamon, cloves and sarsaparilla. Sprinkle the powder throughout your home, concentrating at the corners.

- Dr T. Selva is speaker and the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at [email protected] Facebook: Vasthu Sastra and Website:

Bathe in seven types of flowers to remove fatigue, tiredness, dullness and dark energies.



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