May 05, 2020 Auto
FRANKFURT AM MAIN: Herbert Gilbert is just one of tens of thousands of drivers who have sued Volkswagen for cheating emissions tests, but he will make legal history Tuesday when his “dieselgate” case becomes the first to reach Germany’s top court.
February 10, 2020 Auto
If old action figures and lunch boxes are your thing, perhaps you’re familiar with America’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee.
February 03, 2020 Auto
Thought electric cars were cute and cuddly? Time to meet the brooding Veloster eTCR Racing cars usually have an aura about them. They sit all angry in their pit garage, intimidatingly slick tyres stacked up nearby, looking ready to bite the uninitiated. But this is different. The aura surrounding the Hyundai Veloster eTCR is palpable, not least because of the warning hangers and the actual cordon keeping people from touching it.
January 11, 2020 Business
Kuala Lumpur: The Proton X70, which was launched on Dec 12, 2018, was named the Overall Car of the Year 2019, marking the first time a Proton model has won the prestigious award at the 18th Malaysia Cars of the Year awards.
January 07, 2020 Auto
LAS VEGAS: Tech giant Amazon revealed several initiatives at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) centred on Alexa Auto, furthering the retail tech giant's quick and ambitious push into the automotive space.
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