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Published on: Monday, July 01, 2019
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Nursing is a very popular course among students, especially girls.  After completing your SPM you need to spend only three years to get a Diploma in Nursing. 

Nurses are paid very well. Jobs are always in demand. You need not have excellent results to study nursing. You don’t have to spend too much money to study nursing too.  

There are three ways to become a qualified nurse. 


Government Nursing College

The first option is to join a Government Nursing College. Usually the intakes are advertised in the media.  

Qualified students can apply directly. Those selected will join Government Nursing Colleges. They will study for three years. There is no tuition fee. The government subsidises all your fees.

 On top of it, you are provided free uniform, hostel facilities and food. Upon completion you need to work for the government for a stipulated number of years.  

Your education and training is free and your job is secured. After completing your training you will immediately work in the government hospitals. 

The only hurdle will be that you need to compete with others students. Thousands may apply and you need to compete. 


Private Nursing College

The second option is to join a private nursing college. If you are qualified there is no competition. Almost every one who applies will be able to get a place. 

Since it is a private nursing college, you need to pay for everything. You need to pay for the tuition, the uniform, food and hostel. 

Students who are unable to afford can apply for the PTPTN loan. The amount of loan depends on your eligibility and your family’s income.  

The course is still three years. However, jobs are not guaranteed. After you complete your training you need to find your own job. 

The problem is sometimes you need to wait to get a job. Once you get a job you are required to pay back your PTPTN loan. 


Private Hospitals’ Nursing College

The third option is to look for a private hospital which is running its own nursing college. Not all private hospitals have nursing colleges of their own. 

So, you need to look for one that runs a nursing college. There are about 10 such colleges in  Malaysia.  The advantage of joining these private hospitals’ nursing college is your tuition fee is subsidised. 

You don’t have to pay for your tuition fees. Your hostel, food, uniform, etc. will be provided by your sponsor. 

In addition you will get a monthly pocket allowance  for your monthly expenses. Upon completion of your course you need to work for your sponsoring hospital for a stipulated period. 

Your job is guaranteed and you don’t having to worry about looking for a job. Joining Private Hospitals Nursing Colleges is not very difficult. 

The problem is not many students are aware about such openings. 

There are two types of courses offered by private hospital nursing colleges. They are  (i) Certificate in Nursing, and (ii) Diploma in Nursing. 

l Certificate in Nursing

Applicants must have completed the SPM. They should have obtained:

- Credit in Bahasa Melayu, 

- Pass in General Science / Biology / Chemistry / Physics

- Pass in Mathematics 

- Pass in English

l  Diploma in Nursing

Students must have completed their SPM with

- Credit in Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics

- One Credit in Science/Biology/ Chemistry/Physics/Applied Science

- Credit in two other subjects

- Pass in English


Career Tips

If you are keen to do a course in nursing and have no money to pursue the course, don’t despair. 

You can still be a nurse. Get into a nursing college run by a private hospital. 

You don’t have to worry about money and you don’t have to worry about getting a job after you complete the course. If you need further details please email to: [email protected]

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