Sze Yip study loan scheme for its members' children
Published on: Monday, July 06, 2015

Kota Kinabalu: The United Sabah Sze Yip Association has established an education loan scheme for the good of members' children.Its President Datuk Susan Wong Siew Guen said members have thus far contributed over RM1 million to enable Sze Yip children to pursue tertiary studies.

"I take this opportunity to commend our youths for repaying their study loans so that others can benefit from the scheme as well," she said at the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Association.

Wong, who is the seventh President since its inception in 1986, urged the younger generation of Sze Yip to be actively involved in the activities organised by the Association to help preserve the Sze Yip culture.

"Youths are our biggest asset for a promising future. You must be bold and innovative to create business opportunities for yourselves. Be resilient and don't give up easily in the face of challenges or when you fail. Do rise up again because failure is the Mother of Success," she said.

The United Sabah Sze Yip Association comprises five member associations, namely Sandakan Sze Yip Association headed by Tham Kai Fung, Sze Yi Association West Coast, Sabah, led by Wong, Tawau Sze Yip Association led by Wong Chew See, Lahad Datu Sze Yip Association led by Wong Thein Fook and Sze Yi Association Keningau headed by Peter Ma Kin Yee.

"I am proud to say that the presence of these five associations under the umbrella of the United Sabah Sze Yip Association reflects solidarity and unity among the Sze Yip community," said Wong.

Paying tribute to the association's Founding President and Past Presidents, Wong said their contributions will not be forgotten. They are the late Tam Kan (1986-1989), second President Datuk Andrew Tham (1990-1993), third President Datuk Geoffrey Yee Lung Fook (1994-1997), fourth President Dato' Seri Albert Chan Sew Leang (1998-2001), fifth President the late Fung Hon Kong (2002-2005) and the sixth President Datuk Wong Yit Ming (2006-2007).

According to Wong, the Association's biggest accomplishment was the hosting of the 3rd World Youth Congress of Jiangmen, the first to be held outside China.

"What is historic is that the event saw the signing of three memorandums on the establishment of Friendship City between Kota Kinabalu and Jiangmen, Tourism Cooperation and Exchange between Sabah and Jiangmen, and the setting up of The Federation of Jiangmen Associations Malaysia," she said, adding this was made possible by the strong bond among Sze Yip folks.

Yit Ming, who was the Celebration Organising Chairman, said the event was yet another milestone while thanking everyone for making an effort to attend the special gathering.


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