Greedy hunters behind Binsuluk forest fires?
Published on: Monday, April 11, 2016
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Beaufort: The peat fires which ravaged 70 per cent of the Binsulok Forest Reserve are suspected to be caused by greedy hunters. District Officer Mohd Shaid Othman admitted having received information about it, but said he would leave it to the police to investigate.

"We received information that greedy hunters is among the causes of open burning in the Binsulok Forest Reserve.

"They burn the forest so that animals, especially deer, can be hunted easily," he said, adding that they have alerted the police about it.

"We leave it to the police to investigate," he said here, Sunday.

According to him, the Government incurred more than RM5 million in losses due to the fires, which spread to agriculture areas developed by Sabah Land Development Board and the State Rural Development Ministry.

The fires which affected 50 hectares, he said, could lead to an increase in participants in the e-Kasih list because many small farmers had lost their source of income.

"Their (hunters) greed has crushed the dreams and source of income of small-time farmers who have planted up to 10 acres of oil palm and pineapple.

"For small-time farmers, they are forced to wait for up to five years before they can generate income again from their crops. The situation has directly resulted in them having to return to the Beaufort e-Kasih list," he said.

Mohd Shaid thanked the Fire and Rescue Department who had gone all out to fight the fire.


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